The Simonetta Lein Show | A Tribute to Bob Saget with Kelly Rizzo

Welcome back to #TheSimonettaLeinShow! Today is an undeniably special episode as I premier my 2023 season launch with an episode commemorating the one year anniversary of @BobSaget 's heartbreaking passing. Kelly Rizzo, @eattravelrock, Bob's wife, joined me for an unforgettable episode in honor of the beloved comedian. We connected on the beautiful memories and mentorship Bob shared with everyone in his life, while Kelly also opened up about the reality of being in a public relationship and what it is like to mourn the passing of a partner on a global scale. Nevertheless, we both agreed that Bob was an undying light of positivity and ambition, one that continues to share his unmatchable spirit with the world. Filled with loving anecdotes and life-long lessons, this is an episode you truly will not want to miss. 

I am so excited for the launch of this new year, as we have so many amazing guests with unforgettable stories. Tune in! 

Fun Facts: Kelly actually met Bob through her work with Eat Travel Rock! Bob never let Kelly get down on herself or remain discouraged. Bob opened the second season of my show and he was a true fan and a friend! I miss him and Kelly and I have decided he would be very happy we are connecting. 

Thank you to the beautifully dedicated #SLTV Team:

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The Simonetta Lein Show with Justina Valentine
Welcome back to #TheSimonettaLeinShow, today's episode will be fun and wild as I welcome American musician, comedian, and iconic television personality, @JustinaValentine, for the final episode of our 2022 season. You all know Justina from her time on the hit @mtv comedy series, @NickCannon’s @mtvwildnout. Beginning her music career in 2012 with her first mix tape, Justina continued her entertainment career in 2016 when she joined the cast of Wild’N Out, now having over 10 seasons under her belt. Closing 2022 for the holidays, Justina released a new family Christmas comedy in December, titled “Fuhgeddabout Christmas”, featuring stars such as @vinnyguadagnino, @TeresaGiudice, and @officialvincentpastore. Justina joined The Simonetta Lein Show to discuss her music career, the newest release of her holiday soundtrack and first film production, along with the skillset it takes to become a professional improvisation comedian. Tune in!

Fun Facts: Justina comes from a family of performers and entertainers. Her debut film aired on December 21st, "Fuhgeddabout Christmas”! She thanks the Lord for her biggest successes and guidance through her career achievements.
#TheSimonettaLeinShow wishes you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. We will be back in January with many surprises. See you next year!

🎞Executive Producer: Raphael Amabile
🎥Senior Production Manager: Kate Massih @klmassih
🎥Junior Production Manager: Sehar Waheed @seharwaheedsltv
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If you have gotten till the end of 2022, be proud of yourself. You are a true rockstar. 
Reflecting on this year that is about to end, I can only say: what a year!
2022 has been so intense on so many levels. Our world is upside down and I can only keep on praying every day and be a better person as I humble myself by the Grace that God has given me.
I want to thank you all for being so kind, for believing in me and following me. To all the people that wait for every drop of #TheSimonettaLeinShow ‘s episodes, thank you!
To all the people I have inspired this year, I am so glad.
To whoever I might have involuntary hurt, I am sorry.
To those who hurt me and never apologize, I forgive but do not forget. Forgiving is good for your soul, forgetting means you did not pay attention. When people show you their true colors, they are showing you who they really are. Believe them. 2022 has revealed a lot. 
I am truly proud of myself at the end of this year, as I never ever gave up. I want you to know how hard it is to make everything work from behind the scenes, so my deepest admiration to everyone who makes things happen, no matter what. 
To everyone who is going through a tough time, this year taught me more compassion as we truly never know what someone else is going through. My grandma said: IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.
To everyone who is fighting for a better world, either standing up for children and vulnerable people or protecting this world from evil: THANK YOU!
I am going towards a new year with no fear. As I recently read fear to me means: FACE EVERYWHERE AND RISE! 
Let’s rise up together!
The Simonetta Lein Show with Kathy Ireland
Welcome back to #TheSimonettaLeinShow, today's episode will be extremely glamorous as I welcome Supermodel turned Super Mogul, @KathyIreland! Today Kathy is the Chair and CEO of Kathy Ireland® Worldwide, listed as one of the top 20 most powerful licensing brands in the world by @LicenseGlobal! Kathy’s iconic modeling career began on covers from @Vogue to @Cosmopolitan, while she also holds the title for Sports Illustrated's bestselling swimsuit cover of all time! Following her exponential career success as an entrepreneur, Kathy has since graced the cover of @Forbes Magazine more times than any other. She is a fearless human rights advocate whose continuous work, support, and lobbying on behalf of oppressed minorities has also earned her the International Religious Freedom Champion Award. Kathy joined me today to discuss how she built her empire from the ground up, her dedicated work to protect the children of our world, and the effects true faith can have on a person's journey. Tune in!

Fun Facts: Kathy started her business with her very first product, socks! A true entrepreneur, as a child, Kathy would paint and sell rocks out of her wagon. Kathy has lent her name to over 17,000 products... and counting!

🎞Executive Producer: Raphael A. Amabile
🎥Senior Production Manager: Kate Massih @klmassih
🎥Junior Production Manager: Sehar Waheed @seharwaheedsltv
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The Simonetta Lein Show with Tarek and Heather El Moussa

Welcome back to The Simonetta Lein Show. Today’s episode will be quite lovely as I welcome @therealtarekelmoussa
and @theheatherraeelmoussa, the “it couple” of home and lifestyle TV right now! Heather is a mega real estate agent and one of the stars from @Netflix’s original hit reality series “#SellingSunset”, while Tarek hosts the iconic @HGTV home improvement series “Flipping 101” and formerly “Flip or Flop” as well as the new show, “The Flipping El Moussas.” In addition to each of their respective successful shows, the couple has another reason to celebrate, as after tying the knot in 2021, they are now expecting their first baby together! With many adventures, major real estate investments, and blessings on the way, Heather and Tarek joined me to discuss their respective, successful careers in real estate, the story behind how they met, and the best ways to invest in today's economy. Tune in!

Fun Facts: The El Moussa's have an exciting year ahead of them as they are set to welcome their baby boy in early 2023! Their newest series "The Flipping El Moussas" is also set to air next year, doubling as a house flipping and reality series. By the couple's second date they knew they were soulmates!

Thank you to the beautifully dedicated #SLTV team. 
🎞Executive Producer: Raphael Amabile 
🎥Production Manager: Kate Massih @klmassih 
📹Junior Production Manager: Sehar Waheed @seharwaheedsltv 


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