We had the pleasure of speaking with one of our MillenniaLeaders the other day. What an inspiration it was to get a closer look at what Simonetta Lein does through her foundation. The Wishwall Foundation is an inspiration to many people around the world, and through Simonetta’s hard work, she has made a huge impact on those around her.


Here is a little clip about what The Wishwall Foundation:



In speaking with Simonetta, it is very clear that she is set on her goals and dreams. The passion in her voice when she speaks about her work is truly an inspiration to us, as we see how many people are impacted.


Q: “So, you seem to have a lot going on these days, tell our audience what exactly you do in career and in your foundation?”


A: “I am a personality that combines entertainment, fashion and writing to inspire others. I really try to put everything that I do into my foundation. I do my absolute best to grant amazing opportunities to people that have dreams, and I go out of my way to change someone’s day. A great example is a recent one. At Fashion Week I met a cancer survivor and I gave her the opportunity to leave the Fashion Week for a day to deliver an inspirational message to an audience in attendance. Her message inspired so many others not to give up on their dreams, it was a great speech. I gave her the opportunity because I saw that she had a message to share and I wanted more people to connect with her story. As a millennial I really want to impact the world, I want to move people and inspire others.”


Q: That is very inspiring! I can hear the passion in your voice. The big question that we have is how did you get where you are today?


A: “I always stayed focused and never stopped challenging myself. I always wanted to do more. I have three degrees and have a passion for personal development. I try to stay informed with news and media and things that interest me. I pay close attention to what is going on around me and find opportunities where I think I can make an impact. I set goals for myself and try to activate plans to achieve them. Whenever you have goals and dreams in your life, you can make them come true. Sometimes these goals and dreams change, but regardless it is very important to put your whole heart and passion into that. I was shown in fashion week because of a mutual connection with my ex-publicist, through this connection I was able to use my passion and influence to make things happen. It has been a lot of hard work, but it has definitely paid off.”


Q: “I can definitely see that. Now tell us, how do you think that you have a positive impact of millennials?”


A: “Being a leader doesn’t mean being on top of the hill, it means being on the bottom and helping others up. I try to bring more positivity to this world and to others. Everyday I try to win by being an inspiration to others. The victory has no meaning if it cannot be shared with others. I believe that if I reach my goals then I can inspire others to do the same. The best compliments I have ever received are when people tell me that my posts and articles inspire them.”


Q: “Just based off of your following on social media, I can see that you inspire others and feel connected with them. I love your passion for others, especially for reaching millennials. If you give any advice to millennials, what would it be?”


A: “To be driven and to remember that we have a mission. Without a mission, we are just another generation. We are the mission generation. We are involved with so many things around us. Don’t ever forget your mission and what your mission accomplishes. Don’t forget that people are looking at you for inspiration, and it is our job to do our best to inspire others and uplift others. We are a generation that doesn’t want to be better than anyone else, but we want to inspire others into fulfilling their dreams. That is what our mission is as a generation, and I believe we can make a difference.”


After our interview, Simonetta’s words stuck with us. We also believe that we are a generation that seeks to inspire others above anything else. We aren’t so consumed on JUST making money, we are more consumed with changing the world and making a difference.


We are definitely a generation that needs more leaders to rise up and lead with integrity and passion. Simonetta has proved to us that she has both.


Follow Simonetta on Twitter and Instagram: @SimonettaLein

Follow Simonetta on Facebook: facebook.com/SimonettaLeinOfficial

The Wishwall Foundation: thewishwallfoundation.org




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