The Wishwall granted by the Wishwall Foundation

13 Dec The Wishwall granted by the Wishwall Foundation

About 5 months after it began, The Wishwall Foundation made Girl Talk Marlton’s wish a reality. I saw The Wishwall in Philadelphia airing on Fox News and The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein taling about it. Her vison and mission inspired me so much that I wanted The WIshwall to happen in my city, Marlton NJ. I did contacted Simonetta Lein and didn’t know even id she would have replied. She did and very soon we met. Simonetta decided to grant our wish and we started to plan The Wishwall as an official foundation’s activity: The Wishwall in Marlton.


On December 10th 2016 at the Evesham Library at approximately at 1:30 pm during a well-attended ceremony, the Wishwall in Marlton was dedicated in memory of Christina Grimmie and the first wishes were posted to the new Wishwall.

The beautiful dedication speech was given by Kailey Gaffney, a Cherokee High School Senior and leader in Girl Talk Marlton. Kailey went on to tell the crowd how Christina was her hero and how her music got her through many tough times. The library was packed with many people that brought their hopes and dreams as they waited to put wishes onto the new Wishwall.

Mark Grimmie posted the first wish. He wished for strength and support while continuing her legacy. Christina’s friends and family made a wish for Christina’s mom to meet Celine Dion, as she had tickets to go see her in May 2015 but had to cancel due to chemo treatments.

There were wishes of world peace, love, end to hunger, no more bullying, anti-violence, and a cure for cancer. Some wished for others such as a Xbox for the pediatric cancer unit at CHOP hospital for the older children, or a service dog for their sister. Some wished for themselves to find peace and serenity in their home, a transportation vehicle for their community outreach program to be able to help others, and even more art in the schools. I myself added a wish for Girl Talk Marlton to have a psychical “home base” where the girls can hang out and meet up here in Marlton and call our own. So many beautiful wishes and the above was only a small sampling of what amazing wishes were received.


The Wishwall Foundation now has a huge task in front of them as they read thru all the wishes that were submitted. And I want to thank everyone that has helped this wish to become a reality. Stay tuned to see all the wonderful things yet to come from The Wishwall Foundation.

Thank you very much for granting my wish and inspiring a lot of girls to keep on believing in their dreams.


Mary Beth Iannarella
Girl Talk Marlton/The Wishwall Foundation

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