We Helped A Single Mom With A New Job Position Offered

10 Aug We Helped A Single Mom With A New Job Position Offered

A single mother with two children wrote us because she is facing some financial problems due to her seasonal job working as an insurance agent. She asked us for some help. We agreed with the board of directors to give her an opportunity and we found her through one of our foundation’s contact a job opportunity so that she can work in finance, being stable and make more income.


This is what she wrote us: “I am a single mom and I just posted on The Wishwall.
Immediately after I posted my wish today I got responses about what resources I could use for help. I even got offered a possible position in my field.
For that I say thank you and Dreams and wishes do I know how to keep dreaming and keep wishing Because You never know who is listening with a open ear and heart.
Thank you to The Foundation and Wishwall Simonetta Lein. ” by Natasha

This is a special wish granted because it shows that opportunities are out there and it is p to us make them work, with some help.

We hope your life with this help will get better dear Natasha.

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