We Helped A School Prayer

16 Aug We Helped A School Prayer

A few months ago a mom wrote us saying that she was desperately  looking for a performing art school for her 11 year daughter. The mother shared with us that she adopted her when she was a baby. As a family they are trying to do everything to make her happy and give her the best life. They tried to  apply for performing art school but they were all on a lottery system or waiting list.

Simonetta Lein decided to make a research and found a school in the Philadelphia area that was still open for auditions. They never heard about that school and were very surprised. They called the school and set up an audition date and also met with Simonetta one day to talk and rehearse a bit with the kid. We actually think she is very talented in theater and we encourage her to keep on going with that path.


We thank this family for trusting us and we proved that together it is possible to give people a help.

This is what they said: My heart is so glad right now That I took a chance and Placed a wish on your wall, the school That you referred to us so far is amazing it would be perfect for my daughter, we are looking forward to the audition I can not believe that I placed the first day and wish you contacted me Within 24 hours with helpful information. I was searching schools all year long and never came across this information, your school program is truly a blessing and God is going to bless your wish wall to be a blessing to others. My daughter and I are so excited and we pray that she rocks her audition and gain entrance into the school for next school year 2016/2017 we will keep you posted. Simonetta Lein The Wishmaker, You’re amazing !!!!!!! by Octrina

We are glad that you and your family are part of The Wishwall Foundation and looking forward to know about your daughter successes.


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