The Wishwall is Making My Dreams a Reality

14 Dec The Wishwall is Making My Dreams a Reality

What started out as just a wish is now becoming a reality – that is the power of The Wishwall.


My wish has not fully manifested/come true, but it is in the process so I felt the need to share a bit about what is happening.


At first I didn’t know what to believe when Simonetta Lein and I began our collaboration on one category of The Wishwall Online just a few short months ago.


I felt unsure. I felt as though my heart was closed to the type of opportunity Simonetta was providing because I hadn’t witnessed the type of magic she so readily talks about yet. But that was all about to change.


Instead of resisting the opportunity, I decided to be open to it. With my newly-opened heart and mind, I decided to share my wish: create a fully-reimagined version of Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane” to increase awareness of today’s social issues. And as soon as that wish was put out into the universe, things began to manifest-as The Wishwall many times does. When you write your wish down dreams move to reality.


I then shared the wish with Blaison Maven (IG:@kingblaise), a talented rapper from Los Angeles who then connected me to Dalure (IG @dalure), a multi-dimensional individual who expressed interest in producing our song. It felt like fate! In a short matter of time, we went from being acquaintances to allies.


I have manifested part one of my wish and I’m beyond excited that it’s happening. We Take Note was created to tell the type of story we are in the process of creating – that type of full-circle moment is so beautiful.


I’m thankful to have met Simonetta on social media. The moment I decided to trust her and her mission, everything started to change for the better. She really is making dreams come true. The Wishwall truly does grant wishes & I’m excited to keep you informed about what will happen next with mine!


Words by Ashley Coffey of We Take Note for The Wishwall | Photo Credit: Kayla Reefer

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