The Wishwall becomes a Tv Show granting people deserving wishes.

19 Jun The Wishwall becomes a Tv Show granting people deserving wishes.

This year we have been working very hard to make The Wishwall a tv show. Many people can be inspired and witness the work of this organization watching the episodes. This is a huge wish granted for the people involved and for all of us.

Please watch and support the episodes at

“The Wishwall” TV Show Starring Top Fashion Influencer, Model, & Author Simonetta Lein Launches on Amazon Prime via FNL Network

In an effort to deliver internationally-minded and socially conscious content to its global viewership, FNL Network is excited to announce that “The Wishwall” has joined its tapestry of incisive and meaningful lifestyle programming.

“By going international with FNL Network on Amazon Prime, The Wishwall Foundation can continue its work of uplifting the world and helping to make meaningful wishes come true.”


Born from the creative genius of Simonetta Lein, “The Wishwall” follows the viral extension of the work of The Wishwall Foundation, an international non-profit dedicated to making wishes come true. Both in online as well as physical forms, the Wishwall serves as a forum for individuals from all different backgrounds and experiences to voice their wishes, both big and small. Simonetta Lein, known as “The Wishmaker,” utilizes her vast network and persistent optimism to manifest these seemingly impossible dreams, whether it be sitting at the front row of New York Fashion Week or having a street named in memoriam for a lost sister.

The result of this work gets The Wishwall TV Show picked up by FNL Network and distributed on Amazon Prime

The Wishwall is proudly shot and produced entirely in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Simonetta and her team from The Wishwall Foundation, and are excited for our viewers to see this new show, which is bound to make everyone smile,” says CEO and President of FNL Network Rocco Leo Gaglioti.

“Connecting with FNL Network is so exciting, as it gives The Wishwall Foundation yet another opportunity to inspire the world and show how we can use all the energy from the fashion and the entertainment industries to pay it forward,” says Simonetta Lein, influencer and public figure.

Via exclusive distribution on Amazon Prime by FNL Network, “The Wishwall” chronicles this selfless work, as well as the heart-warming consequences.

For more information on The Wishwall Foundation and its portfolio of projects, visit

TV Show: Director Jonah Stern, Original music by Gooch & the Motion, Executive Producer Raphael Anthony Amabile.

Special thanks to Dr. Franco Lenna MD.

About the Wishwall Foundation
The Wishwall Foundation serves as a space for people from across the world to share their deepest wishes and desires on the website’s “The Wishwall.” Simonetta Lein, “The Wishmaker,” along with her global network, take those wishes and helps meaningful and impactful wishes come true. See more at


About Simonetta Lein
Simonetta Lein is The Celebrity Wishmaker, social media entrepreneur, named 100 world TOP fashion influencer & icon. Lein is a published author, International brand ambassador and a millennial activist, founder of The Wishwall Foundation 501(c)(3) based in Philadelphia USA. See more at

About FNL Network
Based in the beating heart of Los Angeles, California, the Fashion News Lifestyle Network is proud to broadcast the exciting worlds of fashion, travel, beauty, health, and reality TV. True stories, spotlights on dynamic industry professionals, and original series made exclusively for the FNL Network transport the viewer’s couch straight to the catwalk. Insightful and incisive, the network’s programming remains on the cutting edge of trends and glamour, as its award-winning films, documentaries, and original titles reach all four corners of the globe on Amazon Prime.

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