The importance of a free high school education

04 Jan The importance of a free high school education

In a country where 44% of girls don’t finish high school, the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy is filling a tremendous need for girls and their families in Kenya. Unlike the USA, public high school isn’t free in Kenya. Many families can’t afford to pay for the high school tuition, uniforms, books, school supplies and other fees for their children, so boys often get preferential treatment leaving the girls behind. Many girls become teen brides and teen mothers depending on men to support them. Research shows that girls who complete high school earn more, marry later and have less children. That’s why KGSA’s mission is so important! We educate 130+ girls a year giving girls the opportunity to shape their future and break the cycle of poverty. Thank you, Ms. Simonetta and the Wishwall Foundation, for partnering with us this past year. Girls like Aisha would not have the opportunity to graduate high school if it wasn’t for generous people like you.

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