Project Rebirth – granted by The Wishwall Foundation – work in progress

23 Oct Project Rebirth – granted by The Wishwall Foundation – work in progress



Project rebirth is one of our ways of value creation in Enactus Adekunle Ajasin University.
This project is targeted towards solving the problem of child hawking and improper waste management or disposal in Akoko community.
After a need assessment carried out in Akoko communities we realize that the rate of children involved in illegal labors in Nigeria is skyrocketing and alarming, kids between the ages of five to fifteen hawking goods on the highway to road users.
In which there are lots of dangers, kidnaping, assaults or death through vehicular accidents while they are supposed to be in the four walls of their class rooms, a result of high level of poverty and their parents financial incapacitation, they lose their chance to education which is the best legacy any one can have.
We further carried out a survey which brought to our notice that majority of the children involved in child labor are from broken homes or single parenthood and for the purpose of survival , parents employ the services of their children in doing manual or illegal labor to raise money for the family.
Even though there are several legal enactments such as child right act that is applicable to Nigeria to curb this menace, it has done little or nothing to combat it to the grass root where it is highly prevalent. This is one of the problem that encourage child labor in the country as a whole.


Project rebirth provide solution to this problems by training the mothers of these children on how to have a sustainable source of income generation through sewing
One of the aim of the project is to empower women in Ondo state, Nigeria with sewing machines to give them a source of income generation and improve their standard of living.


However, we are so grateful to the WISHWALL foundation and Ms.Simonetta Lein a social activist and social media influencer, as they have decided to support this project by providing us the sowing machine that we will use to empower the women on 20th December 2019 at Enactus Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko Ondo State,Nigeria. Sequel to this development the project will commence in mid-November to mid-December, 2019


The timeline for this project is as scheduled:
1.Project campaign and sensitization about the project at the targeted communities which will last one week (Monday, November 18th- Saturday 23rd )
2.Training the women in sewing skills which will last 3 weeks (Monday, November 25th- Saturday, December 14th ,2019
3.The presentation of the machines as empowerment materials which will commence on December 20th 2019 (in time for Christmas)
The team will provide the trainers to train the women in sewing skills for the period of the three weeks.


I have the right as the project head for this project to utilize the text and picture submitted to the website

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