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09 Aug Project EmpowerHER

Nigeria has one of the highest burdens of childhood malnutrition, thus a large number of children are at risk of its far-reaching long-term consequences.

The Executive Secretary of the State Primary Healthcare Board Plateau State, Dr Livinus Miapkwap said it is already alarming that children between six (6) to 59 weeks are experiencing stunting and if the State is not careful, the situation may get to what is obtained in the North East region of the country where children are suffering from acute malnutrition. (A report from Vanguard Newspaper,2020).



Malnutrition is multi-faceted; it is tied to issues such as women’s education/empowerment, access to quality reproductive healthcare services, food security and agriculture, access to clean water and sanitation. As a result, it needs to be tackled with different, quality, diverse and affordable interventions. Interventions need to tackle the root causes of malnutrition which often requires looking into the home the children come from and the general family circumstances. Otherwise, children who have been treated for severe acute malnutrition, may relapse.


Through the Simonetta Lein Women Empowerment Fund, 10 Women were given the sum of 25,000 (NGN) to kick start their SMEs after going through an intensive 2 days entrepreneurial class. The money was presented to them by Bukola Olalere, the Council President of World Merit Nigeria on behalf of the Wishwall Foundation. Women that benefitted from the fund will be running an animal husbandry business, a mini restaurant, thrift clothing, pastry and snack, sales of Firewood and Charcoal.


One of the women commended the foundation for empowering her to feed her family, “I am so grateful, thank you Ms Simonetta Lein, before now feeding my kids has been a problem, now, I am happy that I will not be begging to feed my kids again, I have my small business. Getting someone to fund me has been difficult. Thank you to The Wishwall Foundation”.
For more information on Project EmpowerHER, visit , IG: @thewishwallfoundation

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