New EKG Machine For A Mobile Clinic: Wish Granted!

21 Nov New EKG Machine For A Mobile Clinic: Wish Granted!

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to The WishWall Foundation for advancing the growth or our mobile clinic. I pray that many others like myself will continue to donate and spread the love that this community has bestowed on many of us including myself.


I am grateful that Simonetta Lein not only posted my wish on the wish wall, but on November 14, 2018 my wish came through and I am able to care for my patients with a brand new, state of the art, blood pressure and EKG machine courtesy of Simonetta Lein and her team at the WishWall Foundation.


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A Wish Granted! We are so proud that we were able to grant the wish for a brand new EKG machine to benefit the wonderful project of a mobile clinic in Tampa, Florida. This clinic goes to disadvantaged neighborhoods and gives free health assistance. We wanted to give extra help and so we also donated a monitor so that the patients can be more in control of their health. We are so proud that we can display amazing projects such as this one on The Wishwall and help the community. Thank you to everyone who helped and donated to the cause. @Premiermobilehc @simonettalein #Thewishwall #Thewishwallfoundation #philadelphia #usa #florida #tampa #healthcare #wishgranted #wishescometrue #charity #health #support

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