Hug from my BFF

18 Jan Hug from my BFF

Back in 1987 I moved into a college dorm not knowing that I’d find my forever best friend. Angie was the proper and mature one. I was the goofy one jumping out throwing water balloons listening to “JULIE!!!!” at the top of her lungs acting like all surprised like she didn’t expect the unexpected from me. LOL. We shared clothes, text books, Doritos, laughed and cried. Graduation came and still spent tons of time together. Then it came time to move for jobs and life.

Angie was off to Florida and I went to the Midwest. Eventually it turned into The Netherlands for Angie and Indiana for me then Maine. We saw each other here and there when she flew back to the states. We even managed to take our 4 kids to the beach for a few days together many years ago. My children even flew over to see her. I have yet to make it there. Life gets in the way then you blink and time has passed so fast.

Since that time, we’ve both gotten divorced and cried a whole lot more. We’ve also had each other through it all and now we laugh so much more! Our kids are all grown. Our hair is grayer and we move a lot slower. We Facetime, text, send Instagram memes and talk all the time but haven’t physically seen each other in I don’t know how many years any more. We do share a connection from thousands of miles away that we are able to “know and feel” the other one when needed. Freaks our kids out when we do it. We are that connected to our souls.

My wish/goal for 2023 is to hug Angie in person.

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