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I miss being on stage and the closeness of U2’s audience. In these shows I’ve got some stories to sing, and some songs to tell… Plus I want to have some fun presenting my ME-moir, Surrender, which is really more of a WE-moir if I think of all the people who helped me get from there to here.” ~Bono

Yes, we’ve been waiting for this rock star memoir for decades. “Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story” (Penguin Random House)—”a Me-moir that I wrote me self” Bono exclaimed enthusiastically from the Chicago Theater stage.

“How long to sing this song? How long, how long, how long….” (crowd participation during U2’s “40” in concert)

Seeing the U2 front man in a setting as intimate as the Chicago Theatre for “an evening of words, music and some mischief” ranked up with the red-hot tickets, resulting in a split second sell out that’s also been the case for the 14 other cities on a book tour dubbed “Stories of Surrender.”

Bono validated our wait to as guests hung on every word in a format featuring slices of personal chapters, sparked to live with drawings on the screens above for two enthralling, electronic device-free hours! We heard ideas, back story and evolution as Bono performed segments or full versions of U2 classics.

Though the rest of U2 wasn’t in house, the band’s spirit certainly appeared in a significant amount of the soundtrack, such as the life-changing likes of “With Or Without You,” “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” and “Where The Streets Have No Name,” all flanked by two flavors of “City Of Blinding Lights.”

These numbers were accompanied by producer Jacknife Lee on keyboards and percussion, Gemma Doherty juggling harp, keys and vocals, and cellist Kate Ellis, who helped cast these anthems in an ethereal, reflective light.

Stories covered Bono’s near-death experience, losing his mother Iris as a teen, a distant and complex relationship with his father, meeting his wife, getting the group off the ground, finding a kindred spirit in Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti and an endless appetite for activism–all told with openness and sincerity.

Bono threw a spotlight in Chicago with a shout-out to the Park West, the site of U2’s inaugural visit, plus Oprah Winfrey, a fellow Magnificent Mile shopper in support of the AIDS-themed (RED) campaign (partner to the poverty-fighting ONE Campaign organization).

Fortunately, more elaborate accounts live within the actual pages, and without giving too much away to future readers of what was revealed throughout this “Magnificent” experience…it’s a must-read!

For those who prefer an audio edition, Bono himself serves as the narrator, and leans into his Dublin brogue.

And just when it seemed like those of us in the Chicago Theatre had learned everything about the man behind the body of music (and stylish shades), Bono shared a glorious glimpse into his alter ego and operatic range…that’s an event to feel in person.

Thank you, Bono, for all the above!

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