FE: Story teaching

13 Oct FE: Story teaching

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, she shares her journey–from following her dreams, to advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
“I don’t take a single bit of this for granted. Every day it’s one foot carefully in front of the other answering the questions: What are the best stories Encantos can tell for kids? How are we building the best business around these stories so we can keep telling more!” ~Susie Jaramillo

Jaramillo always knew she could make a bigger impact if she followed her heart and made art for everyone—now she has become first Latina CEO of the children’s entertainment company

In art school, Jaramillo noticed a streak of anticommercialism. It motivated her to find herself as an artist and figure out what she was meant to do. Encantos the story-teaching platform uses Jaramillo’s art to create books, games, digital content, and other resources to help kids—particularly Spanish-and-English-speaking bilingual kids—think critically and creatively.

Encantos PBC is an award-winning children’s entertainment company. Named by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, Encantos focuses on diverse stories and characters and brings them to life through apps, books, content, consumer products, and more. Its properties include the #1 bilingual preschool brand Canticos, the award-winning Tiny Travelers series, and the newly launched Skeletina. Encantos was named one of the top 100 startups by Business Insider and was recently named to Apple’s prestigious Entrepreneur Camp.

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