FE: 7 Ways to show gratitude

24 Nov FE: 7 Ways to show gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! (Happy Thursday to all readers.)

The holidays is a special time of year which often reminds everyone to feel thankful for what they have and for what others do for them. This is even true in the workplace, where employers, managers and colleagues alike share their gratitude for their teams and peers and all the hard work they put in each and every day.

However, gratitude doesn’t have to be reserved for a particular time of year. In fact, in order to keep morale high and relationships strong, professionals may find it beneficial to show their gratitude all year long. To help you find ways to do so, seven members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss the steps professionals can take to be thankful each day, no matter the time, and why it’s so important to do so:


We’re grateful for you! Thank you for reading and we welcome your comments below.

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