Donation of Medicine and Medical Equipments

24 Aug Donation of Medicine and Medical Equipments

I am honored to be representing the WishWall Foundation , Simonetta Lein and iRead To Live Initiative on the occasion of the donation of these medical equipment and medicine to the Boripe Community Primary Health care center in South west Nigeria today Saturday, the 15th day of August, 2020.


I am pleased that the WishWall Foundation has provided these resources to equip the medical facility and also to support access to good health and well being by residents of this community. I am particularly proud to take part in this donation because the promotion of quality care health care and community projects that positively affects lives is one of my main objectives of establishing iRead To Live Initiative and collaboration with WishWall Foundation and celebrity influencer, Simonetta Lein.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the believe of Simonetta that we keep the underprivileged at heart, now more than ever. With the global pandemic there are even more needy community out there. I am truly excited to be able with my organization to make a difference.
On behalf of the WishWall Foundation, I have the pleasure of presenting these set of medical equipment, medicine and a new painting of the facility to the people of this community, purpose of mankind and to the improvement of access to health care in this community.
I thank the WishWall Foundation and Celebrity influencer and Activist, Simonetta Lein.
Thank you!

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