A help to fight autism

18 Mar A help to fight autism

My wish is that my Grandson, Micajah (Ma-Ki-Ja) will one day be afforded the opportunity to learn to talk again and fight autism. Micajah lost his Mother in a tragic accident on September 27, 2014. He was only 9 months old.


He was born on Christmas Eve 2013. He was a healthy, big baby boy who met every milestone right on time until he was given (2) different vaccines that changed our world. I am raising him since we lost his Mother. I believe he was genetically predisposed to vaccine injury due to his medical history that I was unaware of.


In September 2015 he was diagnosed with Autism. Micajah had a vocabulary of at least 8 to 9 words, was waiving bye bye, a perfectly normal baby until his MMR + chicken pox vaccine at 13 months. Almost immediately after the vaccine he stopped speaking, making eye contact and I knew something was terribly wrong, 6 months later we were told he was Autistic.


We wrote to The Wishwall in research of help and assistance.

I would like to thank Simonetta for calling me personally to speak to me about my Grandson, Micajah.  It was a blessing to hear her voice on the other end of the line.  I also would like to thank her father (Medical Doctor) for taking time to recommend certain supplements for Micajah that are thought to help children with Autism.  God Bless!!  Sincerely, Lorinda Schneider
**Thank You Lorinda for allowing us to help you and please keep in contact to know the progress of Micajah. Please help this child with the dedicated Go Fund Me Campaign.


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