An Internship Wish That Has Come True

16 Aug An Internship Wish That Has Come True

A grandmother wrote us sharing her story. She raised alone her grandson because his father was in jail all his life and his mother had drug abuse problems and she is still not able to take care of her son.

Lately this very nice grandmother saw his grandson ending up into small problems, getting into bad companies, missing school. She was worried. The school told her that without an immediate help with an internship he would have had to repeat his school year and he already lost one.

We called her immediately because we were very touched on her story and decided to give her grandson a chance. We met with his teacher and counselor and decided to  grant him an internship with The Wishwall Foundation. He was so happy and the wish is granted.


This is what they wrote us: “I spoke to him about it and he really likes the idea and would like to meet you all. Thank you for this opportunity for Carlos to get ahead. I am retired from the Social Service world and have Told him about the gratification you receive when you do well for this others…again thank you and so is his information; (He is 18 yrs old) Thank you for getting back to us immediately and for making this wish come true!”


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