19 Jan Wish granted: Water for the Aetas of Bihawo

As one of the elders said, "they’re going to leave this place (their tribe) with joy knowing that no kids of their clan will suffer the absence of accessible and safer water, from this day."   We started constructing the water pump last December 29 but due...

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29 Dec Happy 2021!!!

My dear friends, may your Christmas be blessed with lots of joy, fun, peace, love, and happiness. And 2021 merry, with full of lots of bright, healthy, peace, love, vaccine for everyone and lots of MRR !!!...

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22 Dec Wishwall X Smile 4 Water

Water connects every aspect of our life. But lack of access to safe water, means trekking by foot in their mountainous area daily to the nearest water source for the children and people of the indigenous tribe of Sitio Bihawo in the Philippines. But together...

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16 Dec No children living on the street

Children are the most pure souls in the world, they should not suffer. If we could just avoid children living on the streets, we will avoid some of their suffering, al least avoiding them to feel cold at night, or to get wet during storms...

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24 Aug Donation of Medicine and Medical Equipments

I am honored to be representing the WishWall Foundation , Simonetta Lein and iRead To Live Initiative on the occasion of the donation of these medical equipment and medicine to the Boripe Community Primary Health care center in South west Nigeria today Saturday, the 15th...

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