16 Apr Wish Granted for Project Farm2Life

We're grateful to the Wishwall Foundation for granting our wish to give out fertilizers to farmers in Jos East, Sub-Saharan Africa, where hunger and starvation have long been a threat, lack of fertilizer is a primary reason agricultural yields lag the rest of the world,...

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11 Apr Ongoing Report for Project Farm2Life

The team visited some of the farmland of Project #Farm2Life beneficiaries. The farmers are eagerly waiting for one more rain for them to till the land and plant then apply fertilizer after 2weeks. They are so grateful and happy for the intervention of the Wishwall...

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04 Apr Wish granted in progress: Farm2Life

Due to the economic recession in Nigeria the cost of Fertilizer has significantly increased leaving farmers helpless and unable to purchase fertilizers and those that go ahead to farm, their crop yield isn't commensurable to the effort they have inputted. Thanks to the Wishwall Foundation,...

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23 Mar Project Farm2Life

In sub-Saharan Africa, where hunger and starvation have long been a threat, lack of fertilizer is a primary reason agricultural yields lag the rest of the world, especially as the combination of high prices and shortages forces some farmers to revert to older methods of...

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21 Feb Reminiscing on Project MeritEdNigeria.

Girls living in underserved community in Northern Nigeria who has never touched or worked on a computer got to learn programming, graphics design and social media marketing. The girls had access to digital education and got liberated. Some of the girls are interning in computer...

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14 Feb Heart full of Love

While we celebrate one another today, we remember the vulnerable children that Ms Simonette Lein showered love upon last year December. Remember to show someone love today that doesn't have the capacity to pay you back. Grateful to the wishwall Foundation for their support in...

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01 Feb Giving that touch

Last wishes granting session was an amazing experience for children and adult of vulnerable home. Through Project Christmas with the Wishmaker, they get to spend Christmas in an unusual way in the four homes visited. Thank you so much Ms Simonetta Lein for your kindness...

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10 Jan Oluyole Chesire Home says Thank you

On the 24th of December, 2021. World Merit Nigeria Team represented thewishwall Foundation to present food items and gifts to children and adults living in vulnerable homes in Ibadan. One of the home appreciate the Wishwall Foundation by sending a letter of appreciation. The gift...

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31 Dec A Wish Granted: Christmas with the Wishmaker

Christmas season is always a time to give and the wishwall foundation extended their hand of love and giving to 4 vulnerable homes in Ibadan, South West Nigeria. We visited: Network for inclusion of people with special needs, (NIPSON) Ibadan,Oluyole Chesire Home, Ibadan, Vanguard Vocational...

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