14 Nov Renovation of School Library

Our Project supervisor and Skilled workers continue the purchase of materials for the renovation of the library project. This library project upon completion will help students have unhindered access to a well-equipped library. #ThankYouWishWallFoundation...

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07 Nov Renovation of School Library

We are excited to announce that with support from Simonetta Lein and the WishWall Foundation, the renovation of the library project has commenced. Materials that are required have been purchased and the workers have commenced work in earnest. The renovation project will help to support...

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26 Jul Farm2Life – Wish Granted

Wishmaker, Simonetta Lein donates fertilizers to 35 farmers in Africa to boost farming. Project Farm2Life has recorded as another successful project supported by Simonetta Lein- Founder of Wish Wall Foundation to provide fertilizers to 35 farmers in Jos East, Nigeria. The beneficiaries who are Irish potato and...

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25 May Second Phase of Project Farm2Life

The second phase of project Farm2Life is in full swing. Below is one of the beneficiary applying the fertilizer received on her maize crop. She's deeply grateful to the Wishwall Foundation for the support rendered. Thank you Ms Simonetta Lein...

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16 May Second Phase of Project Farm2Life

The second phase of project Farm2Life kick-started on the 7th of May,2021. Beneficiaries from Zarazon communities received their fertilizers and we're totally grateful to Ms Simonette Lein and the Wishwall Foundation for helping them....

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26 Apr Ongoing Report for Project Farm2Life

We visited Kwang Community to map out the beneficiaries and also made a visit to their farm land. It's really an incredible project considering the hike in cost of fertilizer and also how this will help alleviate poverty in homes and empower the farmers. We're excited...

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22 Apr Ongoing Project Farm2Life

Poor soil fertility emanating from land degradation is one of the causes of low crop productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, the issues of food insecurity and poverty have become prevalent in these countries. It is however imperative to explore agricultural innovations such as mineral fertilizer...

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