17 Jan Before and After: Renovation of School Library

Transforming the Future of Literacy in Nigeria- The WishWall Foundation Hope beckons on pupils of A.U.D Primary School in Osun State, Nigeria, when the executives of iRead To Live Initiative tracked the state of the library in the community. In a swift reaction to address the...

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10 Jan Renovation of School Library

We are starting off the year on a very high note having received funding from the WishWall Foundation to support Literacy and Transform Education in Nigeria. Special thanks to Simonetta Lein. Our wish has come through. #ThankYouWishWallFoundation   ...

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04 Jan Legal Prosperity for myself and others

I wish that all the persons who are making wishes would somehow achieve them and I wish that I am able to secure legal finances to build my two story home in Tobago this year without relying on loans. I wish health, strength and prosperity...

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13 Dec Renovation of School Library

Hurray! We have now completed the external and internal painting of the library. Artisans have started the construction of furniture to be used by pupils in the library. We cannot wait to get this library re-opened for learning purposes.#ThankYouWishWallFoundation   ...

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05 Dec Renovation of School Library

With support received from the WishWall Foundation, skilled workers have completed the ceiling and internal painting of the Library. The external finishing is still in progress. We are super excited and cannot wait for pupils to start using the library shortly. #ThankYouWishWallFoundation...

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28 Nov Renovation of School Library

On November 22, skilled workers started and completed the new ceiling of the library facility. Prior to the new ceiling, whenever it rains, the library becomes flooded and uninhabitable for pupils. We are thankful to the WishWall Foundation and Simonetta Lein. #ThankYouWishWallFoundation...

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22 Nov Renovation of School Library

Skilled workers have commenced construction of the perimeter fencing and staircase to access the library. Prior to this moment, it was difficult for pupils to access the library because of the bad state of the library due to erosion that has washed away the stairs....

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