11 Aug Love and light for all

As we all navigate these uncertain times, I find myself going within more, connecting to spirit and the core essence of who I am. Right now, we are being asked to look at our lives through a different lenses.   The auto pilot we all once knew,...

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Within the recent trends, young people are no longer looking for white collar jobs. They are acquiring skills to make themselves employable and create jobs for others. This wish seeks to support twenty (20) selected youths and women to earn a living.   A lot of these...

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14 Jul Answers

I wish that I could get answers as to why HH left my life. I was left clueless, scared and alone. I felt left out in the cold and deserted. I had just lost my job, my friend passed away from leukemia and it was...

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08 Jul Make Earth a Sanctuary

I wish with only goodness positivity helping harm to none to have a great period of prosperity to have just begun with this to make a sanctuary of happiness peace and love in a great pure land full of friends family new and old animals...

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29 Jun Feelings and Desires for Future

I am wishing for truth about feelings, love and future about long term relationship and when they look at me they see marriage with romantic feelings, trust and attraction for me. No past or third party situation that will get in the way of our relationship. I...

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19 May My Story of resilience during the quarantine

On February 21 suddenly my life turned upside down. The coronavirus overwhelmed me , made me fragile, making me perceive my precariousness frighteningly. From one day to the next, the obligation to stay at home.The sleepless city shutting down. Schools, shops, gyms, offices, factories closed. The...

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05 May END COVID-19

I wish that the COVID-19 pandemic will end. However, I like my break and all but I want to go back to school and adults to go back to work. When homeschool occurs, it's just not the same. Even I can't dine out on all...

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03 Mar Fullfilling my second chance at life!

Hello Oprah, I received my second chance at life three years ago! I received a double transplant. The transplant consisted of me graciously receiving a Kidney and Pancreas! I was diagnosed with Diabetes as a child and lived with it for 26 years. Until one...

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