12 Jan Self Reflection Wish

I wish for the main wish for 2021 which is the end of the pandemic and all the bad feelings it brought.   And reflecting on my desires made me have a single desire, which is to put into practice everything I can so that desires such...

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05 Jan Intentions for 2021

Intentions over Goals. As we get ready to leave 2020, I’ve been personally working on setting intentions daily. Instead of writing down a goal of mine, I’m writing down my intentions. My wish and intentions for the collective are, setting the intention of unity, clarity,...

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30 Dec Gratitude – Find Gratitude in Every Day

Gratitude. Leaning into gratitude. If there’s anything 2020 has taught me, it’s to lean into being grateful. 2020 has been a very hard and teaching year for us all, but to find one thing your grateful for each day. Even a simple thing. The sun, fresh...

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26 Dec Making education accessible to children

Due to the pandemic, the education system has taken a shift and everything is now taught online. However, there are children out there who lack the resources to access to the neccesary equipment to enroll to online courses. Thus, I wish that everyone could have...

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23 Dec Avoid mistreatment of any animals

For me, it is very important to give the message to all of humanity on how animals are as important and equal as human beings. Us as humans are still not understanding on how to give proper love to them. Only when we full understand...

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14 Dec Connect to your Breath

No Breathing. It sounds so simple right? Yet it’s something I feel all of us take for granted. Myself included. Not just in the sense of being alive, but truly feeling and connecting to our breathe. To allowing ourself to feel everything. To allowing ourselves...

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07 Dec Stay in your Light

As the world can feel heavy and dark for many of us, please know you are light. We are all light. Continue to be the light. Spread kindness, spread love. If you don’t agree with something, choose the light. We are all holders of light,...

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