25 Mar My Grandma’s Wish

My Grandma Carmen's Wish   I'm naming my wish after my late Grandmother, Carmen Rocha whose known for introducing the Mexican Dish "Nachos" to California from her roots in San Antonio, Texas!   My Wish is to build My Grandma's Sunday House, A home to rent, a home with...

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20 Mar Changing A Community One Poem At A Time

It is my wish that I could change the billboards in low income communities with images of community residents and inspiring, encouraging and uplifting messages. The message we view every day impact our wellness and I believe changing the billboards will uplift a community that may...

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17 Mar The #PeytonHeartProject Wants To #StopSuicide

My wish is for the #PeytonHeartPorject to help #stopsuicide by ending the stigma of #mentalillness and to #endbullying. The #PeytonHeartProject is named after my 13 year old son Peyton, who took his life in October of 2014. He dealt with bullying and harassment at school...

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15 Mar To see The Wishwall in every city

My wish is to see The Wishwall in every city. I want to build Wishwalls, having people that love to give back and see impacting wishes becoming a reality.   The Wishwall is a wall of hope, a symbol of love and a work of art. It...

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13 Mar Have a own house

I am 29 years old and my partner 30. We are engaged six years ago and we have not been able to live together because it is very expensive to have a house. Therefore we have not been able to form our family. Our desire...

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10 Mar To Tell My Story as Cult Survivor

My wish is this: To inspire others into a life of freedom & recovery from abuse and neglect. I am working to sing and tour nationwide with my book about my life of growing up in a cult.   "From Cult To Country" (how I got out)   As...

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05 Mar Meet my idol – kfourian

I really dream to see my idol wael kfoury live and take selfie with him!   This will extremely change my life, nobody has any idea as well how he means to me, but I have not had the chance to see him live, despite that I...

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02 Mar Peace in your life

I want you, yes you, reading this, to have a more peaceful fulfilling and authentic life.   Do you wish for that too? To have less stress in your life? To cope with the stress that you do have better? Now imagine all the people I am...

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27 Feb Peace at Last

I gave up looking thinking all the good ones were gone and was fed-up with Dallas nightclub shut-downs so insulting that if a man had said such to my face he would be dead.   I have not had even a date since 1984 and now for...

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