18 Jan Hug from my BFF

Back in 1987 I moved into a college dorm not knowing that I'd find my forever best friend. Angie was the proper and mature one. I was the goofy one jumping out throwing water balloons listening to "JULIE!!!!" at the top of her lungs acting...

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02 Jan Happy New Year 2023

The Kibera Girls Soccer Academy in Kenya together with The Wishwall Foundation wishes everyone a happy holiday. It’s been an honor supporting Aisha’s senior year of education and boarding this past academic year and we hope to be supporting many more girls. Together we are...

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25 Dec Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from everyone at The Wishwall Foundation to all of you. A merry Christmas from Simonetta Lein- Founder of the Wish Wall Foundation. A message for everyone and a special dedication to children as they are our future. Thank you all for another incredible year  ...

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19 Dec Superpowers

I wish we can be immortals with all these powers that are listed below: Immortality: We have power to live endlessly and rendered unable to kill through natural means. Regeneration: A side effect of our immortality is that we are able to regenerate and heal from any...

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