17 Jul The New Generation

I have always dreamed of being a top stylist and an influential person that can also assist woman financial, spiritually and mentally. A lot of women feel helpless when there is no one around to support their lifelong dreams and just decide to settle.   I want...

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08 Jul Get Drunk on Gratitude

I saw this the other day & it made my heart smile as I continue on with my daily gratitude journal(only day 2) in an effort to increase my mental fitness & improve my overall wellbeing.   For me gratitude is yes amazing but more of a...

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24 Jun Let go and Trust

I've been feeling a bit lost the last few weeks, triggered by a Facebook memory from last year and a post I'd written in which I was crystal clear about my plans for the future & supermotivated.   One year later and its amazing to be here...

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10 Jun Sparkle Every Day

There are things that make us sparkle when we do them, people that make us sparkle when you are with them.   Seeing as we only have one life and time is precious doesn't it make sense to try and do more of those things & be...

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05 Jun Building Mental Fitness

I truly believe that we can do many things to strengthen our mental fitness- gratitude, exercise, good nutrition, meditation which is why I created the Joy Project but I also know that sometimes it's not enough & wanted to write about my recent decision to...

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27 May Reach Out

I've let my mind reach some really dark places, thought about doing things I'm really glad I didn't all because letting people know I was struggling, that I needed help was mixed up with such an intense fear of failure & being vulnerable that saying...

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13 May Just be Kind

The last few weeks I've been overwhelmed by the kindness people have shown me as I've been sharing honestly the highs and lows of having a new baby. Yes some of the kindness has been shown in physical gifts also in beautiful messages, kind words &...

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29 Apr Mamas be Kind to Yourselves

My phone is filled with such beautiful photos of my kids and part of me would be happy to only share that side of parenthood but it just wouldn't be truthful.   Because there aren't photos of the times I lost my temper & shouted at 2...

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