12 Sep A whispered wish of possibility.

My wish. So strange to say aloud. From self to selfless. The gentle whisper of a heart's purest desire. A small request from an infinite universe. To hope for something we all have the ability to share. Beyond the selfish. Only the well being of others. If...

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08 Sep Spread awareness and love.

This is a love story between two parents and their daughter. A beautiful soul that now is in Heaven.   Parents Camille and Brian Butler, who lost their 13-year old child to Renal Medullary Carcinoma, wish to get signatures for petition to raise awareness of this rare...

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13 Aug The Joy Project

My wish is that people from all over the world will join me for The Joy Project a 3 month positive mindset experiment that begins on the 15th August. The experiment is inspired by my own life changing experience and is an opportunity to open...

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13 Aug To bring mindfulness & more peace to all

My desire is simply this: To bring peace to this world blackberries and other's lives. The way: Bring mindfulness practices to the world, in a grounded, down-to-Earth fashion That everyone can relate to - with humor and humbleness - with kindness, compassion, acceptance and grace...

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22 Jun Single mother Battling cancer

Well let me start by saying I never knew I would want a wish. I was recently diagnosed with double breast cancer. I live in fear for myself and my children. I am a single mother of three. I receive no help from there father...

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04 Mar Hope

Hi Simonetta, Thank you for being a true Angel that leads by example. I have seen you grant so many wishes for so many people that I can honestly say you have in fact made this World a little better. Today, along with my attitude of gratitude,...

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16 Feb Be loved

I wish I can take off this mask. The beauty and the love that is hidden for so long i can truly care about something or someone more than I care about myself., depression anxiety these are the killers of Hope. They are a...

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