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The Wishwall Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and social community. The Foundation is built on the  “pay it forward” philosophy. Its core principals are to give a voice to the voiceless and to help make meaningful wishes come true. The Wishwall Foundation is multi-faceted. It consists of The Wishwall Online and The Wishwall in Every City, where people can express their wishes and where the Foundation inspires them to help each other and grant those dreams that are more meaningful.

The Wishwall Foundation collaborates with other non-profit groups that promote social integration and the defense of human rights, as well as with companies who wish to sponsor worthy initiatives. The Wishwall Foundation seeks to be a global movement that inspires people and unites humanity through art, fashion, and goodwill.

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It’s scary putting yourself out there and going after your dreams publicly. But take it from an older woman who did it anyway; our failures teach us – they teach us life lessons that success generally cannot. So, next time you feel your fear of failure holding you back from going after dreams that scare you, remember that a lot of positive comes from failures, whereas nothing positive will come from wondering ‘what if?’ for the rest of your life…

A wish granted with @worldmeritorg @worldmeritng 
Thank you so much to the Wish Wall Foundation Founder for your support. I now have a knowledge of using social media to market my programming skills. If not for the Merited Project, i will probably be at home doing nothing but with this skills i am learning i know my future is bright. I also wish i get a laptop at the end of this training. It will be soo helpful for me as a begin my new journey as a programmer. Thank you ma @simonettalein
Wish granted:

My Name is Amina Lateef, I want to appreciate the wishwall foundation and founder for sponsoring MeritEdNigeria project. I would have been at home or my parent would have married me out but attending class gave me hope that I can also contribute to my family. Thank you.
Wish granted with @worldmeritorg @worldmeritng 

My name is Mafuzat Alimi and I am a beneficiary of the Merit Ed Nigeria project. Thank you to the wish wall foundation founder for the opportunity to learn. I am really grateful that I can learn JavaScript, social media marketing
Posted w/ @akashalin 

“My mom named me ‘Jasmine’ because I would always dance in the womb when she played Jazz music!” ~ Jasmine Chesbro, singer/songwriter
Now that’s a beautiful quote and origin story to help brighten the week! We are continuing to celebrate women this month with all kinds of entrepreneurs.
I was especially inspired when I saw Jewel perform for our Teen Cancer America backyard benefit concert in LA, I’m an avid fan of live music and of the TCA organization, as many of our readers know.
I recently heard how TODAY’s Carson Daly mentored teen Jasmine Chesbro by helping her meet her hero, Grammy-award nominated singer Jewel. They created a duet and music video together.
Check out how they harmonize and inspire each other:
Teen singer-songwriter creates music video with hero Jewel (
Read on to be inspired as well:

Thank you to our millions of readers! We welcome your comments below.
Akasha Lin
Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
Content inspired by “Tomorrow’s Voices, created by TODAY with their sponsor and parent company Comcast which helped find the students profiled.
Read more from:
Future Entrepreneurs – Mentorship up and coming – The Wishwall

I want to come out from my past mistakes and I want to start a new life.
I wish everything would be ok, once again, and that my mistakes would be my lessons.
My mistakes made me who I am and I am now stronger and a fighter

This is a very heavy wish of mine and a heavy weight on my heart, human trafficking- especially of our children. As a new mother of two, waking up to this reality and learning it’s growing by the minute and it’s literally happening in our backyard, I couldn’t be quiet anymore.
I had to give a voice to the voiceless.
Many tell me this isn’t comfortable to talk about, well my response is let’s get comfortable being uncomfortable for the children who need us. The US has become the #1 consumer of this horrible crime. It’s a BUSINESS to sell our children.
It’s passed the armor crime and it’s about to pass the drug crime.
My wish is we all GET LOUD about this so that this can’t go on any longer. Educate yourself about how much these children need us.
We must break the chain and end this. This is going on all over the world and especially here, in the US!
Modern day slavery!! I am asking you to allow yourself to get uncomfortable and learn more about trafficking, and after you do tell me you could be silent knowing these children have no voice.
If you want to learn more about how to help @timballard @ourrescue share constant updates, facts, and stories to learn and share.
I’m in this to end it & break the chain

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Raphael Amabile, President
President of Ansonia Partners and Financial Advisor at Parsonex Securities Inc.

Simonetta Lein, Vice President
Founder, Social Media Influencer, Author,  Named Fashion Icon, Activist

Julia O’Connell, Secretary
Constituent Service Director
Office of Councilman-At-Large
William K. Greenlee

Kate Massih, Board Member
Graphic Designer & Art Director

Marco Circelli, Board Member
Executive Director, Italy-America Business Council & Network

Carlo D’Santus, Treasurer
Former Consul of Portugal

Matthew Libby Hawk, Board Member
Production assistant

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