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The Wishwall Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and social community. The Foundation is built on the  “pay it forward” philosophy. Its core principals are to give a voice to the voiceless and to help make meaningful wishes come true. The Wishwall Foundation is multi-faceted. It consists of The Wishwall Online and The Wishwall in Every City, where people can express their wishes and where the Foundation inspires them to help each other and grant those dreams that are more meaningful.

The Wishwall Foundation collaborates with other non-profit groups that promote social integration and the defense of human rights, as well as with companies who wish to sponsor worthy initiatives. The Wishwall Foundation seeks to be a global movement that inspires people and unites humanity through art, fashion, and goodwill.


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The Kibera Girls Soccer Academy and all schools nationwide are closed this week as Kenyans go to the polls to elect their new president. Elections occur every five years and women won the right to vote in 1963. We hope and pray for fair, free and peaceful elections where every Kenyan citizen and especially women can make their voice heard. We look forward to welcoming back Senior Aisha and all her classmates next week. Thanks again Ms. Simonetta and The Wishwall Foundation for educating, inspiring and empowering girlslike Aisha in Kibera. We appreciate your tremendous support!
Congrats to the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy on celebrating one year of dormitory living! We're proud to support Senior Aisha's education and boarding this year. Girls learn best when they are nourished and have a safe place to study and sleep. KGSA cares for the whole girl, so she can excel at her studies and achieve her dreams. Together we can #EducateHerForLife! @kgsafoundation
Being a high school student can be stressful, especially when you’re a Senior like Aisha! Caring for the girls’ mental health is an important value at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. Activities like coloring are therapeutic and help the girls feel more comfortable opening up to our school counselor. #EducateHerForLife #EducateGirls #MentalHealth @KGSAFoundation
#FARM2LIFE The crops are coming up! 
We are so glad to see the results of our  hard work. Thinking that the entire community will have food on their table because of this wish granted, makes us so proud!
A total of 35 farmers and 3 villages helped with our #Farm2Life campaign.
Aisha and two of her sisters attend the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. They are happy to be home this week with their family during the school break. Living at home is also a lot of work! Girls help collect water, cook, clean and care for their siblings. In Kibera, homes do not have bathrooms, running water or reliable electricity. When we #EducateHerForLife, we empower KGSA girls like Aisha to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.
@kgsafoundation @thewishwallfoundation @simonettalein
Soccer is in KGSA’s name and in their roots. After two years of school athletics being suspended due to the pandemic, the girls love practicing soccer again! 20 girls play on the school’s soccer team and games will resume later this year. Aisha doesn’t play soccer but she cheers on her classmates from the sidelines and captures shots like these as a member of the journalism club. We are BIG soccer fans and proud to support girls’ education at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy in Kenya! #EducateHerForLife @KGSAFoundation
From the entire team at The Wishwall Foundation to all of you: Happy Independence Day America 🇺🇸

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The Foundation’s Board Of Directors

Raphael Amabile, President
President of Ansonia Partners and Financial Advisor at Parsonex Securities Inc.

Simonetta Lein, Vice President
Founder, Social Media Influencer, Author,  Named Fashion Icon, Activist

Julia O’Connell, Secretary
Constituent Service Director
Office of Councilman-At-Large
William K. Greenlee

Kate Massih, Board Member
Graphic Designer & Art Director

Marco Circelli, Board Member
Executive Director, Italy-America Business Council & Network

Carlo D’Santus, Treasurer
Former Consul of Portugal

Matthew Libby Hawk, Board Member
Production assistant

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