The wall that really makes your dreams come true

19 Jun The wall that really makes your dreams come true

The Wishwall Foundation, the wall that really makes your dreams come true

There is a way to make your dreams come true and this is called the Wishwall Foundation. The wish of taking part at a special gig or watching out the world from above with a parachute will be not just part of your imagination or hopes thanks to the idea of a woman, called Simonetta Lein.

Credit: Bcproductions215 Photographer – Simonetta Lein, the Wishmaker

Simonetta decided to help those people who for some reasons  have not seen their wishes realised. In 2015 she founded the Wishall Foundation, a non- profit charitable organisation, that helps meaningful and socially impactful wishes come true.

The Wishwall in every city is a physical wall where people gather for a two-day event and write down their wishes. It brings together community commitment, kindness, and peace. After the event, The Wishwall Foundation’s Board of Directors selects one wish to grant, and The Wishwall will thereafter become a permanent mural and artistic attraction in the host city.


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