The Advantages Of Building A Lifestyle Business

09 Apr The Advantages Of Building A Lifestyle Business

Simonetta Lein: Having a lifestyle business means three things: independence, creativity, mobility. It is you, your time, your laptop and an internet connection. You can be anywhere in the world with the main focus on becoming the best at developing what is now called self-branding. You are the face of what you stand for and what you are an expert in. Your image, your words, your social media and website and word of mouth that all of this generates: you earn income with these factors. If you are a good lifestyle entrepreneur you can become profitable very quickly, as you don’t need capital to build a product to sell: you are the product. The other advantage of a lifestyle business is that you definitely better yourself as a person as well, you grow and become more resilient. I became the face of many brands and was nominated as one of the 100 top influencers in the world. All while staying true to myself and my message. That is one of the reasons I started to become internationally recognized.

Be smart and invest in yourself to reach that level: you will discover that social media entrepreneurs keep on studying and try to always be one step ahead of the game. They also invest in good graphic design and photographic material. Good news: this cost very little and the more you generate income

the more you can invest in better equipment or some other professionals that can serve you, while you are always in control of your business. Remember that you are the boss of yourself and to me, that is incredible freedom. I decide when to work, how to work and where to work.

Be creative as it means to see the needs you can fulfill for your potential clients, constantly adding services that you can provide. Sometimes you can also create partnerships with other lifestyle entrepreneurs and offer more, while still selling your personal brand. When you are able to reach the above points, your clients will be happy to pay you to coach them and represent them. When that happens you can consider yourself a successful lifestyle entrepreneur.



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