28 Jul FE: Dive into the real deal

“WOW!!!! Were you absolutely freaked out even with the professional waterman? SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!” ~ David Banks, actor in “THE AFTER PARTY” [Sharing a pic from that moment above—story below! ~AkashaLin] Shark Week is in session for its 34th year, thru July 31st! Dwayne...

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22 Jul FE: Fins + fascination

How your brain can work better DYK that your brain works better if you give it a chance to recharge in this specific way? Schedule some "soft fascination" into your day. Just as looking at some distant point gives your eyes a break and relieves eyestrain, switching...

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03 Sep FE: Discovery in Brand + Business

“This is the real deal. You will never believe what actually happened…” ~Jeff Silva Book cover quote from Secrets to #ShinethroughtheNoise + “Bloodline” series   This week we’ll focus on brand trends for 2020-2021. But first, I wish to share a thrilling story of authenticity and evolution with...

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