Peace & Blessings! My name is LeTroy Toussaint. I am a father of four who has reached a milestone in life by turning 40!   Truth be told, I first became a father at the age of 22 & it was my life's work to be the best...

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05 Nov Succeeding in Life

My wish is to be the best me in life. And that would allow me to accomplish all my dreams and goals in order to help My family, And all those individuals who struggle mentally, emotionally, financially.   I wanna make other dreams come true.   So my wish...

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26 Oct Bob Dylan Uses the N-Word for Good

Music has a powerful ability to change the world. That’s what we realized when ‘Hurricane’ by Bob Dylan fatefully played on our Pandora station this week.   After being abruptly intrigued by the song because of Dylan’s use of the n-word, our team at We Take Note...

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22 May Spreading Awareness Through Love Of Music.

Heres just part of my 6 year music and mental health journey. I'm Josh, I'm a 21 year old rapper who advocates for mental health and suicide prevention. I go by the nickname Smiiffy, Ive recently became more involved with mental health. I started music around...

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20 May Desired Music

Hi I'm a fifteen year old girl I love music badly I can go from metal to pop to classicals but I've always love classicals. Almost all people I've met even in my family thinks it's weird for a girl like me at my age...

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13 Nov In diretta su “Radio Globale”!

Vorrei ringraziare di cuore Desideriamo, per aver esaudito il mio desiderio di andare alla transmission G- Lab su Radio Globale intervistata da Sara Calogiuri che saluto calorosamente e la splendida Simonetta Lein, senza la quale non sarebbe stato possibile realizzare questo sogno! Mi sono divertita tantissimo...

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