23 Sep Love and light for the world

I know for most times are heavy and hard. We are all feeling it in some way or another. This is your reminder, we are all light. We all have light within us. Let’s be a little kinder, a little more compassionate, a little softer...

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14 Sep Grace for Moms

Mama I’m tired too, I see you, I feel you. It’s okay to give yourself grace. It’s ok to breakdown and melt down. You are doing an amazing job incase nobody told you yet today. Grace mama, you’re allowed to give yourself it. We carry all the weight...

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06 Aug A Transitional Home for DV survivors

Personal story of TRUTH! I want every Domestic Survivor to experience safety, peace & love like I did, before I became homeless.   Please read my personal story: I’m submitting my request in your charitable cause collaboration with my testimony of overcoming domestic violence, sexual battery, and homelessness.   In the...

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14 May Give Love

My wish for you today is to give. Give love. Without any need for recognition or thanks; be a light in this world. Whether it’s opening a door for somebody, telling a friend she looks beautiful, or paying it forward in the Starbuck’s drive-through line—...

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07 May You are enough.

You were given this life, because you ARE strong enough to handle it. There are days when you will be tested; when you feel overwhelmed. But— there are also days when you are the happiest of happy. It’s on these good days when everything make...

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06 May Free Bird

My wish is to have the means to live on my own, but with enough success and wealth that I would be able to live freely and comfortable while also being able to help others with my time, work, and charity.   All my life I have...

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30 Apr The Power of True Friendship

My wish for you this week is to understand the value of true friendship. Friends are the family you choose for yourself. When you find your tribe— love them hard and never let go.   Family isn’t also blood relatives. It’s the people in your life that...

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16 Apr Stop. Pause. Unplug.

Please. Right after you finish reading this— put your phone, iPad, and laptop down, and just go outside. Take a moment to unplug and enjoy life without being attached to an electronic device. There’s something very freeing about not having to answer to anybody and...

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09 Apr Hold Your Head High

My wish for you this week is to stay strong. Always.   I’m reminded of this beautiful song by Gary Allen. One of the lines states, “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride”. That’s for darn sure. One day you’re on cloud nine and the...

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