05 Oct Inspire Others, Inspire Yourslef

When people ask me how do you motivate yourself? How are you so successful?! My answer is, I look at those I inspire and it inspires me to do more and to continue. When you think about doubting yourself, remember you’re inspiring someone else. Inspiration comes in...

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Sophie Bowman   The world is in turmoil, and the cracks are beginning to show in people's behavior. I’m noticing more and more people around us are either sinking or swimming during these uncertain times. The business owners who quickly pivoted and adapted their business model to...

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03 Aug Empathy to Impact

Here is a story of a rising star, law student and graphics designer who devotes his time to learn graphics so as to be able to see himself through university. He makes flier designs, logo designs, vector artworks, digital paintings, banner and poster designs.   Olamide is...

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05 Mar Number One

Good morning Wishwall family. Today’s wish is short and sweet but VERY important. My question for you is this: If you are giving a lot of yourself to everybody in your life (be it your family, your friends, your co-workers), who is looking out for...

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29 Jan To Inspire Others

Hi Wishwall and Simonetta. Good morning. So I woke up with something so heavy on my heart. In a good way. I want to inspire others. And I don't want to wait to do it. Women and men alike, we all need to have access...

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18 Dec I wish to share my story.

Wishes can be used in two ways, A wish can be selfish, and a Wish Can be SelfLess. You know the greatest Wish that I could’ve ever been given, was given to me by God. God saved my life, not just once but many many...

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12 Sep Bring the love of the world for one moment

  Having a diverse life full of change and re-inventions that run the scale from early in youth and throughout life. Life's issues tackled head on always but the twists and turns have been just a little unbelievable. Having lived to be a father finally and...

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11 Jul Philanthropist – Guidance

Hello, my name is Seth C. Powers, My wish may not be money nor fame or any of these things we dream of day to day life. But my wish is to be a philanthropist or guidance. I am a only child, early twenties and...

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28 Mar One Word

If you had to pick one word to live by what would it be? Maybe it is a virtue you want more of in your life, maybe a challenge you want to overcome, or maybe something you are passionate about. I stumbled upon a service...

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