13 Jun Puerto Rico Still Needs Our Help

Over the weekend the Puerto Rican Day Parade was held in New York. It was filled with Puerto Rican flags, dancing, and lots of smiles. Unfortunately, this was the first Puerto Rican parade since Hurricane Maria occurred.   It’s been 9 months and Puerto Rico is still...

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30 Aug Help Houston Survive Hurricane Harvey

Many of you across the nation have been affected by the news of Hurricane Harvey, which hit southeast Texas over the weekend. As the floods drenched Houston, we witnessed the unity of the country as people joined together to help the relief effort.   Some civilians have...

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26 Oct Bob Dylan Uses the N-Word for Good

Music has a powerful ability to change the world. That’s what we realized when ‘Hurricane’ by Bob Dylan fatefully played on our Pandora station this week.   After being abruptly intrigued by the song because of Dylan’s use of the n-word, our team at We Take Note...

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