11 Nov Care Packages for Chronic Illness

I wish to start up a care package non-profit. This will specifically be directed towards teenagers (ages 13-18) with chronic illnesses in the United States. Through research after receiving an anonymous care package, I have found no organizations directed towards this age group. The image...

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20 Nov Let’s Find Shana A Kidney Donor

Hi everyone, My name is Sebastian Terry and on behalf of my friend Shana, I'm searching for a kidney donor who can save her life.   Shana is a strong, beautiful soul who gives so much to the world but now needs our help. Residing in LA,...

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26 Apr Entrepreneurs Anniversary + Ways to Stay on Course

This week we’re celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Future Entrepreneurs. Thank you for your support, inspiration and feedback!   Take a few minutes for an #entrepreneur pulse check:   One of most popular blogs that sparked interest and synergy...

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31 May Creating a humanity 5 star well-being environment I want creating and inspiring. For living a creative life we must lose our fears of being ourselves. I believe that my mission on earth is creating retreats all over the world, especially in Sardegna that I particularly love, but the point of all that...

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10 Mar Save Women & Girls from Porn Harms & Exploitation

Hello everyone! is a nonreligious, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. We work to prevent and combat the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual slavery, as well as all other forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, through public education and advocacy. We are against pornography...

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28 Jan Health

I have a health issue that's been going on and off now for a few years. Which I am told surgery "may very possibly" resolve once and for all.  It's a relatively minor op in the grand scheme of things, but the very thought of it fills...

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