30 Dec Gratitude – Find Gratitude in Every Day

Gratitude. Leaning into gratitude. If there’s anything 2020 has taught me, it’s to lean into being grateful. 2020 has been a very hard and teaching year for us all, but to find one thing your grateful for each day. Even a simple thing. The sun, fresh...

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28 Sep choosing happiness

Every day is a new day. Choose happiness. Choose to be positive. Choose to be grateful. Our internal doesn’t have to match the external. Be kind with your mind, choose happiness wherever you can. Fill your brain up with positive thoughts....

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11 Aug Love and light for all

As we all navigate these uncertain times, I find myself going within more, connecting to spirit and the core essence of who I am. Right now, we are being asked to look at our lives through a different lenses.   The auto pilot we all once knew,...

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04 May Love in the Lockdown

You don't realise what you've got until it's gone" has never felt truer than now.   A hug, a handshake, standing closely in a queue, walking on the same side of the road as a stranger.   Love, laugh & be kind now more than ever....

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27 Jan Be You

I just sent an email out to everyone who has ever subscribed to my lists telling them it's ok if they want to unsubscribe. Am I crazy? No. Would I love a huge list of subscribers? Yes. Would I LOVE them all to want to stay? Yes. But...

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13 Jan Joy in Fitness

"I don't want anyone to think they have to lose weight or change their body to be worthy of joy. But if it's something they want to do, that the process involves joy." - Joy in Fitness Mind & Body Wellness   Baby Josh (my fourth) has now been...

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07 Jun Push myself out of your comfort

I wish to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to achieve everything that belongs to me as a human being. So many of us wade on the side of caution and end up never really reaching our full potential, and what’s the...

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31 May Gratitools- for families of sick children

As the mother of a child with rare, incurable disease - gratitude has played a central role in finding joy and resiliency in dealing with really hard things. My children and I created grati-tools - a portable, colorful, engaing gratitude first-aid kit (in a bandaid...

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15 Apr Thank Your Body

My journey into body positivity has been up, down & all over the place and something I realise is more positive some days than others. But one thing is for sure & that is we can't thank our bodies enough.   Imagine if in between criticising them...

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