26 Dec Making education accessible to children

Due to the pandemic, the education system has taken a shift and everything is now taught online. However, there are children out there who lack the resources to access to the neccesary equipment to enroll to online courses. Thus, I wish that everyone could have...

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24 Aug Education: Empathy To Impact

Education: Empathy To Impact “Education is the best tool with which one can change the World for the best.” This word consistently rings in my head while striving to engage and support rural communities in Nigeria. Having started a non profit organization in 2015, I started to...

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17 Aug Beyond Being a Student

BEYONG BEING A STUDENT Jacob Sule- Executive Director iRead To Live Initiative Nigeria A few years back, as my parents shared in my educational dreams and vision, they gave me support to pursue my education. I journeyed to the rural community of Ifetedo, Osun State, South west Nigeria...

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23 Jul Rebirth – Power to Women In Nigeria

REBIRTH The alarming increased rate of child hawkers or labourers is a social menace that has been ignored for a long period of time in Nigeria. It's normal to see children below the ages of fifteen, carrying goods and selling them on the highway to road...

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16 Jan Fundraising To Fuel The Future

I wish our youth mission could reach or exceed our $15k fundraising goal to start the new year off. This wish isn't about me, it's about changing the lives of youth in my community and helping them maximize their greatness. Let me explain...

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31 Oct The Virtue of Science

Imagine you’re in a small African village ravaged by a deadly strain of malaria. What if you could find a treatment that could prevent infection and positively impact their lives and their community. How would that make you feel?   Replace that story with any problem plaguing...

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12 Apr Cheers To The Teachers

A couple days ago was a very sad day in Los Angeles. Someone in San Bernardino went into a special needs classroom at an elementary school and committed a murder-suicide. One teacher was shot and two kids were taken to the hospital in response to...

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31 Dec Keep Your Head Up – Focus On The Positives

Everyone faces challenges in their life. When life gets hard, positivity is the most important thing. Keeping a good attitude can make the difference between pushing through it and letting it consume you. Sadly, many people don't have the support they need and don't know...

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