03 Apr At Times Like These We Need Peace

At times like these we need peace. We need to come together as a collective, global community and pray for others. There is no need to discriminate and call upon one group or ethnicity as the cause of COVID-19, the virus that has us quarantined....

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14 Dec My Dreams are Becoming Reality

What started out as just a wish is now becoming a reality - that is the power of The Wishwall.   At first I didn't know what to believe when Simonetta Lein of The Wishwall and I began our collaboration just a few short months ago.   I felt...

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02 Nov More Than Skin Deep – Stop Racism

With Halloween happening earlier this week, we felt like now would be as good a time as any to write this post. We saw a lot of fun, playful, and even scary costumes (the Trump ones in particular were most frightening to see). But in...

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05 Oct Breaking Through the Hollywood Color Barrier

So long September! We'll miss you. You treated cultural crusaders, like us, to some great entertainment moments. Last month shows staring Black, Hispanic & Asian leads received abundant acclaim, awards and accolades. Think you know which shows we're talking about? You've probably even watched an episode...

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26 Mar We Take Note

The world is filled with hatred, but We Take Note is here to help. We Take Note, a place for people to share their stories, was created from a wish of mine: make the world a more accepting place. My hope is that through sharing stories of...

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