04 Aug FE: Simplified

Last week we poured on the adrenalin with a tribute to Shark Week and our friends that helped us get up close with their fierce and beautiful apex predators! This week, I wish to sink into a soothing simplify your life month. We are embracing...

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28 Jul FE: Dive into the real deal

“WOW!!!! Were you absolutely freaked out even with the professional waterman? SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!” ~ David Banks, actor in “THE AFTER PARTY” [Sharing a pic from that moment above—story below! ~AkashaLin] Shark Week is in session for its 34th year, thru July 31st! Dwayne...

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30 Jun FE: Even brighter than the moon

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” ~Emerson Dear readers. Hope your summer is off to a bright start! We wish everyone a fun and relaxing holiday (happy Independence Day to our American readers)! Three quick tips to help you with summer goals: 1....

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07 Oct FE: Align + define

“A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” ~John D. Rockefeller This week we’ll spotlight lessons learned on the path as an entrepreneur. Many thanks to our readers and friends who took the time to vote for our Italian friends Nando...

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22 Jul FE: Fins + fascination

How your brain can work better DYK that your brain works better if you give it a chance to recharge in this specific way? Schedule some "soft fascination" into your day. Just as looking at some distant point gives your eyes a break and relieves eyestrain, switching...

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03 Sep FE: Discovery in Brand + Business

“This is the real deal. You will never believe what actually happened…” ~Jeff Silva Book cover quote from Secrets to #ShinethroughtheNoise + “Bloodline” series   This week we’ll focus on brand trends for 2020-2021. But first, I wish to share a thrilling story of authenticity and evolution with...

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