21 Oct Goodbye Anxiety

Sometimes I'll just wake up with that right feeling in my chest and a panicky, can't get my thoughts clear fog in my head. Sometimes I know why, more often than not I don't although triggers are definitely change in routine, doing too much, lack of...

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14 Oct What is Failing Anyway?

What if we didn't see failing as a bad thing? If we accepted it was a part of living & learning? Something that happens when you are following your heart & reaching for your dreams. Don't wait, don't let fear hold you back, if you can...

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19 Aug Let’s Make Waves of Joy

"I'm the raindrop out at sea, I cause the ripples that become the crashing waves." - Ian Brown   It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the negativity we face every day and be frustrated, thinking that our actions don't make a difference.   But they DO! We have to...

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08 Jul Get Drunk on Gratitude

I saw this the other day & it made my heart smile as I continue on with my daily gratitude journal(only day 2) in an effort to increase my mental fitness & improve my overall wellbeing.   For me gratitude is yes amazing but more of a...

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10 Jun Sparkle Every Day

There are things that make us sparkle when we do them, people that make us sparkle when you are with them.   Seeing as we only have one life and time is precious doesn't it make sense to try and do more of those things & be...

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22 Apr Treat Yourself Like a Friend Would

I gave birth to my fourth baby eleven days ago and this time around have had the opportunity to rest & recover much more as my husband is home on paternity leave.   It's felt strange to allow myself sleep rather than launch into housework but I've...

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15 Apr Thank Your Body

My journey into body positivity has been up, down & all over the place and something I realise is more positive some days than others. But one thing is for sure & that is we can't thank our bodies enough.   Imagine if in between criticising them...

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30 Apr Life Has No Filter

How many shots does it take before we post the perfect selfie on Instagram? Which filter will we use to make our skin glow? What pose is the most flattering?   Phew it's quite exhausting when you think of the pressure we put on ourselves. Not only...

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21 Aug Rise & SHINE

  Why is it so easy to put all our self worth into the number on the weighing scales or clothes tag? So easy to compare ourselves to magazine images and bodies on our Instagram feeds...

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