20 Jan Self Care is Not Selfish

How you treat yourself affects EVERYONE around you. 💜 Self care is NOT selfish. Learning to be nicer to myself has had a positive effect on everyone I love not just me. It's so easy to get caught up in all the day to day...

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13 Jan Joy in Fitness

"I don't want anyone to think they have to lose weight or change their body to be worthy of joy. But if it's something they want to do, that the process involves joy." - Joy in Fitness Mind & Body Wellness   Baby Josh (my fourth) has now been...

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06 Jan Ease into 2020 with Joy

As we move into not only a New Year but a new decade it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all you want to change or achieve, and forget what an achievement it is to simply be here living & breathing. I love goals but also know...

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01 Dec Joy Trigger Countdown – #1 Self Care

We're here at my number one Joy Trigger to help you say goodbye to stress, overwhelm & anxiety not only at this time of year but always and it's SELF CARE! Practicing the previous 4 weeks joy triggers gratitude, acceptance, being in the moment &...

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26 Nov Don’t Neglect You

think all to often women can get caught up in taking care of everyone else that we forget we matter. We put our physical & mental well being to the side, push our hopes and dreams to the back of our minds where they stay apart...

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05 Nov Goodbye Negativity

Don't fill up the precious space in your heart or the precious time in your life with negativity.   Look for solutions instead of complaining and surround yourself with people that celebrate your success. We don't get to control all that happens to us but we do...

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