16 Dec FE: Living Aloha

“Joy is in the voice of love-- He ‘Olina Leo Ka Ke Aloha.” Hawaiian saying We took a mental vacay last week: This week it's my honor to share Sheri's story with our readers. (Time to lean in and listen--mahalo!) Aloha ohana (friends, neighbors, community), My name is Sheri...

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09 Dec FE: Waipio Flow

"We have only to elevate our view a little to see the whole forest as a garden." ~Thoreau   I put that quote into play in a wild way when I moved to Hawaii’s Big Island. Look at that photo again to help bring it to life….imagine...

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02 Sep FE: Boost your focus

Sometimes making time for a microbreak can lead to a breakthrough. KEY TAKEAWAY: Enhance the way you work by incorporating a few strategic microbreaks into your day. So, what’s a microbreak? Microbreaks help to “reboot” your brain, it’s helpful to take small breaks of 90 seconds to two...

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26 Aug FE: Healthy hustle

We’re here to help keep you stay balanced on your path as an entrepreneur. As we head into late summer, fall and updated mask mandates, you may be dehydrated. My wish is to help you recognize it. Although hydration recommendations vary according to your height, weight,...

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22 Jul FE: Fins + fascination

How your brain can work better DYK that your brain works better if you give it a chance to recharge in this specific way? Schedule some "soft fascination" into your day. Just as looking at some distant point gives your eyes a break and relieves eyestrain, switching...

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08 Jul FE: SEO, in the know

SEO used to be a buzz phrase, a concept that stuffed web pages in hopes of higher ranking. Some users may call SEO a necessary evil, describing a constant uphill battle against updates and algorithms. Others might say SEO is obsolete, citing Google’s shift to...

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01 Jul FE: Ignite the spark

Everyone has a fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.   My recent app client and design team discussed helpful tips on a common topic entrepreneurs seem passionate about...

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24 Jun FE: Drew it all

“There's a hunger and a fervor that I have, but there's no person I'm going to push to the side to get where I'm going. I want to create my own road.” ~Drew Barrymore   Earlier this year, it was announced that the Daytime Emmy-nominated talk show...

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03 Dec FE: Slay holiday season stress

Wherever you are on your journey, slay stress along the way. ~AkashaLin Garnier   Yes, it really happened…the word "pandemic" was deemed's word of the year for 2020. How’s that for a mood? We’re all in this together and are aware the toll the coronavirus pandemic...

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