Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Fashion Designer MICHAEL COSTELLO AT NYFW

22 Jul Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Fashion Designer MICHAEL COSTELLO AT NYFW


New York Fashion Week-spring 2016-your Wishmaker makes another wish come true for even the most hardened fashion victims. Can you name another of those stylists who we women go crazy over? One who has dressed so many celebrities such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian? Well, as soon as I arrived at Fashion Week in New York, I was told I would meet the very man – Michael Costello, one of the absolute greats on the contemporary scene.
Before the show, for which moreover I had once again been assigned a front row seat, I was taken backstage and I experienced the creation with my own eyes: the models, the make-up, the wigs, the pre-show excitement, and then the man himself, who painstakingly checked each and every fine detail.


I realized there and then I was in a privileged space, and so I drew myself close to the waiting breathtaking garments and after a moment, he beckoned me over. He welcomed me with a beaming smile, and I straight away launched into my three questions I had for him:


“Where does the inspiration for this collection come from?”
“From Paris, Europe, the breathtaking beauty of the constructions I’ve seen, from the geometry and the majesty of one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world.”


“You’ve dressed many celebrities. If you could dress someone in particular, who would you wish it to be?”


After thinking it over a little, he said firmly: “Angelina Jolie”
“If you had one wish for yourself, humanity, or the planet, what would it be?”




And here he threw me completely, saying “That people went to church more. I’m strongly Christian, and my wish is that people would rediscover their spirituality, which is the most important thing.”
Every time I approach a big celebrity, they always leave me spellbound as I listen and learn, and often discover an incredible simplicity and cleanliness of soul.
I take my leave with a photo, thinking of all the incredible women he has dressed and with whom he has been photographed, just as he has with me there and then. My first fashion show is about to begin and so, for you, I have sneaked a quick snapshot of the stage.


The place is packed. The lights dim, the music begins, and the first model starts to make her entrance. With garment after garment, I encounter a collection which is both elegant and sexy at the same time. The fabric hangs and at times is draped, in colors aiming to render the woman who wears them, unique and unforgettable.


The Michael Costello Spring 2016 collection cries out color, femininity, soft lines, which at the same time enhance the shape, and lend importance to the shoulders with a squared line or a geometrical weaved décolleté, along with a softness in the skirt and fabric which may also form cloak. The clothes parade continues and echoes important details in the shoulders and weaves of material in the chest. Even the jumpsuit by Costello would make any women sexy and unforgettable, with a V-neck that descends almost to the belly-button and stands out. The superior geometrical characteristics and trousers that become softer in the lower region catch the eye and highlight the fine detail. The splits, like the necklines, are sensual but never vulgar.


Michael is famous worldwide for his mermaid evening dresses, like these below, and I believe that with this collection he has grown even stronger, and that he has offered a fine line that, as you examine it, will become increasingly valuable.
With the last of the models parading by, the show was drawing to a close. Personally I would wear every one of his creations and I am sure that wherever I went I’d be remembered. And you? Let me know what you think. I hope I’ve conveyed the emotion of this outstanding show and the desire to seek out this stylist, because the more you discover, the more you realize what a wonderful art form it can be.

As always, make your wishes come true.


From Philadelphia, The Celebrity Wishmaker

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