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  • April 27, 2017
    Saving The Only History I Have
    #love, Donate, donation, family, fund, God, Life, restore, Save
    It has never been an easy task for me to ask for help. Having been a single parent for...
  • April 21, 2017
    Twitter for business, entrepreneurship and beyond
    entrepreneur, Future Entrepreneurs, Life, Mindfulness, social media, strategy, twitter
    I am honoured to be asked to write a quick piece on entrepreneurship for Simonetta and Akasha's new blog....
  • April 17, 2017
    The St. Michael Project
    Life, military, service, soldiers, veteran, veterans, warriors
    "The St. Michael project" We are a newly organized group of advocates for veteran assistance programs. Our small group, comprised...
  • April 15, 2017
    Giving back to my significant other
     I am an aspiring medical school student and I was recently accepted for a fellowship on a partial scholarship...
  • April 11, 2017
    Awareness of Depression/Suicide in Teens
    depression, help, Life, suicide, teenagers
    My wish is for there to be more help and resources for teenagers who have depression and have attempted/...
  • April 10, 2017
    A chance to see my family
    Africa, doctor, family, Life
    Hello the wish maker, I am mikahilu and I am 18years. I will soon be 19 by august my wish...
  • April 7, 2017
    Tourette Syndrome Awareness
    Life, T's, Tics, Tourette Syndrome
    Tourette Syndrome is a widely misunderstood neurological disorder. It is often mocked and made fun of in movies which...
  • April 3, 2017
    A Wish to Let Every Human Speak
    #Interdisciplinary, #KeepMediaStrictToFacts, #LetEveryHumanSpeak, #opentalk, Life
    This wish is for Every Human Being World Wide to HAVE A VOICE.. -World Wide people have little experience or...
  • March 27, 2017
    Know our roots
    history, Life
    I want to know the town where our oldest known ancestor was born. My dream is to visit Galicia...
  • March 25, 2017
    My Grandma's Wish
    carmenrocha, Carmenswish, Grandmaswish, ilaments, Life, sanantonio, sanantonioriver
    My Grandma Carmen's Wish I'm naming my wish after my late Grandmother, Carmen Rocha whose known for introducing the Mexican...
  • March 20, 2017
    Changing A Community One Poem At A Time
    It is my wish that I could change the billboards in low income communities with images of community residents...
  • March 17, 2017
    The #PeytonHeartProject Wants To #StopSuicide
    Life, mental illness
    My wish is for the #PeytonHeartPorject to help #stopsuicide by ending the stigma of #mentalillness and to #endbullying. The...
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