Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Luxury and Marketing Expert Jody Barrett

03 Jan Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Luxury and Marketing Expert Jody Barrett


The new year of  2017 screams show it off. I intend to inspire others  (using my social media world) by helping them see their unlimited potential: life is too short to compare yourself with other people and no, the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. You need courage and the right dosage of self-love:  if you do not love yourself,  how can you bring love into this world?


I want us all to rock, I want us to encourage each other, I look for the best and show it off. I am starting my Empowering Style blog of 2017 in the company of an incredible woman who decided to show off: Jody Barrett, founder of Showoff By Design. I would love to bring you inside her world, so that you too can pick up some tips to shine during 2017 and beyond.


Who are you and what is the name of your business?


My name is Jody Barrett and I am the Owner, Creative Director & Designer-in-Chief of Showoff By Design, a social media marketing company.

The name Showoff By Design was created to standout in a saturated area of social media experts in a creative manner.  Let’s just say I’ve got a twinkle in my eye for luxury brands! Something about the artistry and detailed, luxurious finishes that endure the test of time and always remain stylish in your wardrobe.  Marketing is my area of expertise. I am a Showoff and I have designed myself.. Showoff By Design.

By Showing off that I can effectively market myself, I am also showing that I can market anything in the world of social media.



What is your brand about?


My brand is about standing out in the new frontier of the world of social media by effectively engaging and establishing exciting new relationships using a fun, friendly creative approach which has evolved into a blossoming social media business, (Dare I say Empire!😁) that was born from an original idea designed to uplift the spirits of others.

My entrepreneurial journey has led me down a magical path on social media, enabling me to connect globally, with men and women sharing inspiration, compassion, beauty, style and even friendships.

I believe we are at the beginning of this social media phenomenon, and my early success on Twitter has opened doors that I never dreamed possible at the launch of my brand, Showoff By Design.


I think the key to success is to be able to roll with where you’re being led, and for me, it has proven to be social media.

My game theory can be best be related with Bruce Lee’s quote: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Twitter is my one kick…watch out!


My brand, Showoff By Design, has carved a path into a position as a Twitter Influencer, marketing expert, social media strategist, creative director and educator working with brands, corporations, doctors, individuals, various organization and women’s groups.

In addition,  my success has led to numerous motivational speaking engagements for women’s organizations, both here and abroad.


** How much do I love women entrepreneurs? Tremendously, especially those who take risks byy starting new business in the digital world  like Jody. From one Twitter influencer to another: welcome to The Wishmaker world.


What is your mission?


My mission is to empower others with tools to conquer their world with a fresh new perspective in the world of social media, by using your own style and personality to capture and retain meaningful relationships in the virtual and real world, both as customers or friendships.

Couple of tips that have proven invaluable:


-Never underestimate the power of the kindness of stranger.💞


-Never underestimate kindness for weakness! LOL Just sayin’!😜


I have found social media, Twitter in particular, to be the most effective platform for me to share my positive energy, style, inspiration, compassion, knowledge and playful nature! 


The messages I receive on Twitter, both in private and in my feed, complimenting my style and magnetic energy are priceless and often times, provide the energy needed for that one last tweet!

For me, it’s not merely about followers, rather the connection made with others.  The instant connection and fast-paced world of Twitter fulfills a need for me to not only Showoff marketing skills and build reputations, but also enables me to uplift the spirit of others while engaging and creating genuine friendships and connections with people globally.

My mission is directly tied to my passion; uplifting others while utilizing my creative skills. 

I’m always honored when offered a position on social media… Being recognized is validation for time well-spent in the arena.

I’m in the business of being social and I LOVE it! : )


Are you a Millennial? What do you think about Millennials?


I’m a millennial in spirit! Lol  I’m here to make a difference in the world, and to not only have an impact, but rather to leave a lasting legacy. 

I truly adore the spirit of the millennial, I find it inspiring!


If you are here it means that you love fashion. Why?


Heart-felt thank you Simonetta, for this opportunity and being recognized.

This is quite an honor and rest assured, I’ll be Showing Off this article for years to come… It’s what I do! ; )

What I love most about fashion is the ability to create your own 3 dimensional self-portrait to the world and illustrate who you are without saying a word.


Your mood, tone, energy, and so much more, can all be conveyed the moment you step into the world. 

For example:

If I’m walking into a meeting wearing a black and white dress, that’d be the fierce Jody Showoff By Design… And I’d be careful!  LOL


Here is my “Empowering Style” collection for Jody Barrett. Classy, feminine, and the perfect fit for  a career woman.



** I really do love how elegant this outfit is, everything is spot on, from the one-shouldered lace dress that keeps it elegant but fashionable, to the combo jewelry with a neutral color manicure that keeps it classy.




**Everyone can notice that Jody is stunning, but I find her particularly beautiful because of her simply being a woman. I adore this feminine outfit and everything that is faux fur is welcome, especially if it’s pink!




**I wanted to put a combo of Jody’s outfits to give you some great ideas. These outfits are perfect for a go-getter woman that wants to be simple but effective. Remember that jewelry, nail polish, makeup: details that can make a difference in a look, keep it easy but elegant.


What cannot miss from your wardrobe?


Sunglasses are my Crowing Jewel!

I’m know ’round these parts for my shades. Sunglasses are always on my head or protecting my baby blues.

I’ve got quite the collection of designer sunglasses from Cartier, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. They are definitely my weakness!

I never leave home without them.


** There you go!



Your favorite pair of shoes and why?


My favorite pair of shoes are my Valentino studded heels. I wear jeans often and I love how they add that added touch of fierce and fabulous to casual outfits.


What is your style, and what you cannot stand in people, inside and out?


Chic, classy, fun, sexy, casual. 

I love the dichotomy of pairing things you would never expect together.

For example, biker jacket with silk.  Love the look!

If I’m wearing  ripped jeans with a tee, there will be something dazzling somewhere… Fabulous Shoes, sparkling designer flip flops, gorgeous earrings or outrageous necklace to set it off.


I cannot stand people who are not authentic or try to deceive others. They definitely are not my kind of people! The test of time reveals those who are not meant to be in our lives and frequent editing, keeps the positive, authentic and loyal ones closer to our hearts.

Kindness always rules my world.


What is your fashion mantra?


Dress to express… Yourself!

I’m not one to follow fads or trends. I have always created my own style, and stick with designers whose style is similar to my own. Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favorite designers, beautiful  tailored, chic, elegant and classic.


What is that magic word that speaks about you?


Empathetic. I genuinely care about others. I do believe this quality has worked in my favor on social media.  It brings forth a real sense of authenticity, which does translate into connecting with others in both real life and social media.


What is a wish that you would commit to grant this year to someone paying it forward?


To pay it forward, I am committed to help educate children on the good and dangers of social media.  I hope to share the extraordinary lessons I’ve learned along the way, both good and bad. My goal is to work with local schools and incorporate speaking engagements as an ongoing, continual experience for students.


Jody expresses energy and good vibes all over. Let’s read her interview well because it has great tips and the right mood for 2017. I want us all to show it off, and to support each other in our differences.  Remembering to be classy because class shows your soul and your heart. Have a wonderful 2017 everyone, full of self-confidence, empowerment, social media, and amazing style.

  • Denise McDermott M.D.
    Posted at 06:26h, 09 January

    The energy and synchrony between both of you displays the power of compassion and passion for using your platforms to inspire others!
    Well done ladies.
    Dr. Denise

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