Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Entrepreneur Singer & Songwriter Saidat

23 Jan Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Entrepreneur Singer & Songwriter Saidat


There are people out there who are like diamonds and need to been discovered, heard and observed. Twitter is like a gold mine for finding women entreprenurs that do absolutely amazing things, and empower so many lives with their style, inside and out. Today here with us an artist – a singer and songwriter – that decided to dedicate her life to children. It is also thanks to people like her that we can hope to count  on better generations to come, those people that use art as a tool to empower and teach the youth that together they can change the world. I have the pleasure of introducing to all of you Saidat.


Who are you and what is the name of your business?


I am Saidat, creator of The Saidat Show. I am a motivator. A visionary. An entertainer and an artist.


What is your brand about?


The Saidat Show is all about helping young people to believe that one person can make a difference. Together we can change the world. What started in 2004 as a thought of a small classroom workshop is now a traveling talk show called, ‘The Saidat Show’ where I entertain young people with music, dance and drama. In a single day a school will experience 5 events. A full concert and interactive assembly geared to their age division and the later part of the day filled with learning new dance moves and ending with a dance party. This show is a great experience for both students and teaching staff. In 2016 I was able to reach over 50,000 students with our dynamic interactive presentations. The focused for this year school tour is mental health and well-being. Younger students are taught to “like who you are.” and “when you like yourself, kindness gets stronger” with their show entitled, ‘ILike Me Street’. Our older students hear valuable lessons on how to get through the tough times of school life with a show called, ‘How To Survive School’. The three power words for the day are Care, Share and Give.


Being a singer and songwriter means that I am able to give a message to young people in a way that is not invasive. The dance and sing along all the while receiving uplifting messages that will help build confidence and motivate them to help others along their journey. The motto I have been teaching to young people for 12 years now is that One person can make a difference, Together we can change the world. I truly believe it is up to us, individually and collectively, to be the change we want to see in the world. Through music, dance and audience participation I strive to engage and motivate the youth of today to be the world-changers of tomorrow.

**Art is fundamental to society, it passes messages that go right to one’s soul. Like Saidat said, it is not invasive but it is effective, it makes you think and teaches you what it means to believe in something. It shows you that it is possible to have ideas that can be stronger than fears, bullying, problems. I believe in Saidat’s system so much, I believe that every single person has to undergo a personal human revolution, and when we get together from that level of awareness we can really make things happen. I created The Wishwall as a symbol of a single human being that decides to do something for him or her self, and writes his or her own story and wish. That is a powerful action. Then, it is thanks to the community that things really change, it is in sharing that our soul expands, not in having fear and keeping our dreams closed in a box. The youth is the future and my dream is to see lots of courageous and good hearted human beings out there. Thank you for what you do to help, dear Saidat.


What is your mission?


As a high school student my greatest joy was teaching young kids in a small church. I spent my allowance and hard earned money to buy snacks and craft supplies. I poured my efforts into coming up with creative crafts and producing good entertainment foryoung people every Sunday morning. I was driven to provide the children I taught with anamazing weekly experience. This did not stop when I left high school and moved on to university. There I found apublic school, which was willing to take me in as a volunteer to help tutor students during class time. With every student I tried to find ways to connect with them – whetherit was a smile, a song or a tangible item that meant something to them. I wanted to let them know they mattered.


Even then I knew my mission and my gi3 to the world was to work with children. (This is from my blog, Living to Motivate, Motivating to Live) Since that time I have honed my skills and finetuned my goals. I truly believe it is my mission to inspire people; to encourage each person I meet to believe in themselves; to believe in who they are and their ability to impact the lives of other for good.


Are you a Millennial? What do you think about Millennials?


Although I am not a millennial I feel like I have the heart of one. Millennials have been inspiring the world to think outside the box for some time now, but I believe it is only recently that their voices are finally being recognized. This generation has challenged us, me especially, to question everything and not to take no for an answer – too pursue what is in your heart to do regardless of the challenges, roadblocks you may or detours you might have to take in order to reach your destination. The passion of those younger than me really inspires me to continue to be at the top ofmy game. At the age of 44, I am learning new things and being able to keep up with my crewmates, who are half my age, is so amazing!


If you are here it means that you love fashion. Why?


I love admiring fashion and being inspired by others. Fashion to me means that you do not judge a person’s sense of style but learn something from every outfit you encounter. I tend to see a look or style on someone else that I admire then I try to find some form of that particular style to incorporate into my wardrobe.
Fashion is such a personal thing. It’s an extension of our creativity, our mood and an outward expression of our artistic selves. It’s amazing what you can tell about someone by what they’re wearing – their confidence level, their interests, even whether or not they were in a rush that morning. Whether someone likes funky,
trendy clothes or classic, sleek lines often says a lot about who they are inside. They say never judge a book by its cover, and that’s very true, but the cover can give you some clues about what’s happening inside.


**This is my Empowering Style collection for Saidat, feminine and striking.



**This picture is the absolute definition of a style that empowers, inside and out. Amazing!



**This picture speaks of all that you do. Knowing your story Saidat, as the mom of a special needs child  that gives all this joy to other kids, brings tears to my eyes. I am proud  of you and defentely your inner style as much as you external one  can empower everyone. Thank you.



**I absolutely am in love with this outfit, modern, feminine, sexy, coordinated. From the jewelery, to the blouse, to the shoes. Every detail is perfectly mastered and shows the style of a confidentand, refined woman.  That smile is your best accessory.


What cannot miss from your wardrobe?


Jackets! I love jackets! Fitted jackets, lose jackets – just jackets. For some reason I love to layer, maybe it was growing up in those Minnesota winters, so cold, so a stylish jacket for dress pants or a hip hop jacket for my jeans really works for me.


**Jackets are a really cool fashion accessory. I always try to buy nice jackets myself, because they can create a total different look in one single step. Wear a jacket on top of a shirt and a pair of jeans, or on top of a dress,  and you will change that outfit dramaticaly.


Your favorite pair of shoes and why?


My favorite pair of shoes are about 10 years old if that is allowed. Missy Elliot remix boot in black and gold! Absolute favorite. They don’t make this type of sneaker boot anymore. I love these boots for the comfort and style; they have always been a wow factor whenever I wear them in my shows.


What is your style, and what you cannot stand in people, inside and out?


My style is really more about casual and comfort but I always want to look good even when dressing down. When you travel as much as I do comfort is important. Since my target audience is school-age children I feel it’s important that I’m dressed in a way that is approachable so my hip-hop attire is both functional for my dance moves and the kids feel comfortable coming up to speak to me. At home I’m a mom, so casual and comfort are a must, but I still want to feel want to feel good about myself so I wear nice jeans, stylish sweaters, etc. But when I go out on the town, I go all out. The shoes, the dress, the hair, the make-up – that’s when I have fun with my style.

I am by nature and by choice a tolerant and accepting person but the quality I find I cannot stand in people is a sense of superiority. We all have a story, each one is scattered with sorrow and joy, but to look at someone, another human being, and judge them based on what you think they are – judging them based on your life
experiences, with your biases and possibly with only a glimpse into what their life has been – is always going hinder how you relate to others and can learn from them. I find it hard to communicate with people who are constantly looking down on the world talking about how much better things would be “if only”. I much prefer to surround myself with people who are willing to get their get hands dirty making the “if only” a reality.


What is your fashion mantra?


When all else fails; smile. Just like the old song says, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.


What is that magic word that speaks about you?


Breathe. Breathing seems to be something we do, but don’t think about. Breathing is vital to so many aspects of good health. Need to calm down? Breathe. Having an anxiety attack? Breathe. Stage fright? Breathe. In pain? Breathe. In labour? Breathe. What’s CPR? The breath of life. Meditating? Just breathe. When I’m struggling with an issue or find myself in a bind I remind myself to breathe. I take a few moments to control my breathing. By controlling my breathing, my thoughts get under control and I’m able to approach with a calmer mind.

What is a wish that you would commit to grant this year to someone paying it forward?


I would love to pay for a parent with a special needs child to have a day of pampering. A day dedicated to them without interruption. As a parent of a child with special needs I know first-hand how demanding it can be. Rewarding, but demanding. Parenting any child is challenging, but parenting a special needs child is different. I have watched my eldest grow and reach all the milestones as expected. She has become more and moreindependent, she will be graduating high school this year, and soon will be on her own. And I am very proud of her. But my youngest, who has Autism, will never reach that same level of independence.
Please don’t misunderstand, my son is wonderful, but I recognize that parents who have devoted themselves to caring for children with special needs need time for themselves.


**I have learned even more from you that there are women out there just like you who are extraordinary, that go beyond thir problems to help others, that even in the face of adversery smile, that make other people happy. You reminded me of how much we have all to protect art, and to keep on reminding people that the value of a soul touched by an idea cannot be bought. Art can touch hearts. I wish you the greatest success, for sure you have and empowering style.


As always, make your wihes come true.


From Philadelphia, The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein

  • Live Your Now
    Posted at 17:32h, 25 January

    A fantastic article! Very inspiring as always. Saidat so eloquently shows how art can reach and speak to others and remove boundaries! The commitment to helping foster an inclusive balanced and compassionate youth simply cannot be over valued. It is essential!!

    Wonderful work both of you. Truly inspiring.

    To your best and continued success, always.

    The wizard.
    Richie @LiveYourNow

  • Gregg
    Posted at 17:33h, 25 January

    Finding out and then feeling comfortable with who you are, then realizing “where” you are, is when moving forward alone ceases. I loved the passion and the “need” to help others in both of you! Keep helping, inspiring and being more than you were just a few minutes ago…

  • Jane Montgomery
    Posted at 00:49h, 26 January

    Wow!!! Beautiful, talented, inspiring, and empowering! It is amazing what people can do with their God giving talents! Thank you so much for sharing your story and Simonetta for recognizing all of these wonderful women! Thank you my loving sisters!

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