Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Personal Stylist & Influencer Laura Fedock

07 Nov Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Personal Stylist & Influencer Laura Fedock


If it makes you feel good buy it. This is an honest fashion mantra. Simonetta Lein


Again, social media. I will never tire in saying how much social media, if used properly, can help you connect with the best people. As you might have noticed I love to empower. However, when I can empower and uplift women, it’s downright awesome. When a woman uses fashion to help people feel better, allowing them to express themselves in ways they never even knew they could I immeditaley  said to my self “I have to talk with this woman, and introduce her to my folowers”.


My special woman’s name is Laura Fedock, a beautiful, blonde Texan with a glowing heart. She is a personal stylist who just so happens to have great style herself. I was intrigued when I saw the comments that  Laura’s  clients wrote on her social media. People said  that after spending a day being styled by her they felt empowered and more confident.


I always say that fashion has that kind of power.


Who are you and what is the name of your business?


My name is Laura Fedock and I’m the founder of Life-STYLE by Laura. In conjunction with Life-STYLE by Laura, I also have a fashionable, yet inspirational blog called Skinny in Heels. (www.skinnyinheels.com)


What is your brand about?


As a stylist, wardrobe consultant and branding expert (both personal and business), I have a wide range of expertise to offer my clients. Actually, let me revise that last sentence, my clients are never referred to as clients, but for the purpose of this interview, we’ll call them “clients”. They truly become family to me – so many of these women, men and entire families – I’ve been helping for seven plus years.


But, not to get sidetracked, my brand is about getting to know every “client” and understand what his or her goals and dreams are (not only from a styling standpoint, but in life). At that point I can truly teach them one big secret. — Everyone is their own brand. Yes. Literally, we are all walking billboards for ourselves, our businesses, our lives. I ask them this. Nothing superficial, but how do you want the world to see you? Charismatic, approachable, successful, confident? And that’s where the true work happens. (From wardrobe overhauls or minor tweekings, to styling appointments and branding suggestions; all with their personal goals in mind.) AKA – How do you want the world to see you? – That’s our mantra when making styling and branding decisions.


**Every morning please, think: how do I want the world to see me? Getting dressed reveals a lot about you, and what you want people to know. Yes, everyone is a brand, we have to start to remember that. We have a story, a message, a style: and the sooner we start to know ourselves more, the sooner we can project our uniqueness in the world, and be the difference we want to make.


What is your mission?


I want nothing more than to empower my clients to believe that their dreams don’t just have to be dreams. It all starts with believing, and I’m here to help them. Nothing is more empowering than confidence and peace of mind. For instance, one of my clients, we’ll call her “Mary,” is one of the top female software executives in the world. When I met her seven years ago, Mary had just had twins, was exhausted and needed direction. And most importantly, Mary needed someone to believe in her. I sure did! After meeting her once for a quick alterations appointment, I knew her dreams . . . her career aspirations were bigger than this whole room, this whole block. Once I started helping Mary, her life, her level of happiness and ultimately her career path exceeded all expectations. She was able to dictate her next steps and now be where she is today – as one of the top female software executives in the world– in an arguably male-dominated industry. Why you may ask? Because she can walk into a board room anywhere around this globe, outfitted from head to toe in one of her numerous “power looks” and command respect, naturally so. And it all begins with that one day when she had someone tell her “you can do this”. And guess what, she did and is still doing it – just now in Seattle.


**This is why I love fashion and people that, around the world, understand its power to change lives. When you dress a certain way you feel confident about yourself,  and when you feel empowered your life moves to another level. Of course, fashion is only one part of the journey, but could be an important one.


Are you a Millennial? What do you think about Millennials?


I guess you could say that I’m 3/4 millennial. I definitely have the drive to truly make a difference in this world, and it all starts with every single client, every single appointment. I love helping people, and the fact that I’m naturally energetic and have always thought outside the box from a creative and social media stand point; you can surely say I’m the opposite of lazy.


**It is nice that people start to recognize the beautiful aspect of the Millennial generation: the change factor. Thinking that someone can bring that factor into his/her everyday life  gives you the prospective on how much is possible. Like Laura says: “one client at a time”. One on one attention to the client, doing what is best for him/her, and knowing that in your work you can leave the best of yourself and make a difference.


If you are here it means that you love fashion. Why?


This is actually a funny question. When I was three years young, my mom used to shop for me at this fashion-forward boutique called Apple Tree Kids in Kingwood, TX (north of Houston). Well, my poor mom brought home outfits with matching bows, and my response was, “That’s ugly. I’m not wearing that.” My mother was clearly dumbfounded by my response, so she quickly said back to me, “Fine, I’ll just take you shopping with me next time and YOU can pick out your own outfits.” And as you may guess my sassy, yet cute answer was, “Ok, sounds like fun!” — Little did my mom know that nearly 30 years later, that I would be a true fashionista and styling people for a living.


**I used to do the same. When I was ten, I picked my aunt Anna because I trusted her sense of style better. I can still remember those long days after school when I went shopping with her, and got to pick out my own outfits. Even before my first shopping experience, I always had been very confident in what I wanted to, and didn’t want to wear. If I didn’t like it, I didn’t put it on. It must be the blond effect: blondes know their style 🙂


What cannot be missed from your wardrobe?


Shoes. Seriously, shoes give me life! You want to talk about confidence? Give a girl a new pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. And she will be confident and feel beautiful while she does it. Oh the power of new, sexy, beautiful shoes. Yessss!
Anything leopard print from Christian Louboutin. From my skater sneakers that are my daily go – tos (after I change out of my heels) to my sky high leopard booties (very Lady Gaga like). There’s just something about leopard print that makes me happy. Do you know what I mean? Rarrrrrrrrrr. And I view leopard as a year-round neutral – because it really is. A very fun neutral at that.


What is your style and what can you not stand in people, inside and out?


My style is classy with a touch of edginess. I love mixing timeless pieces with a $12 tank top, knotted precisely to the side, and “bottomed-off” with a sassy pair of heels. As for what I cannot stand in people? I am highly bothered by people who act entitled and think that they do not have to get off their butt to advance in their career and/or make a difference in this world. As a stylist based in Dallas, TX, this city is full of what we call “$30k millionaires”. Nothing is more unattractive to me than someone who has to pretend to be someone they aren’t, just because they think that is what will make them likable. And that all goes back to the underlining idea of entitlement, all while missing the point. —Nothing in life comes easy, and the process (struggles and all) is what makes life so perfectly imperfect, but yet so beautiful.


** Here is my “Empowering Style” collection for Laura: feminine, sexy, classy and edgy.




**Oh my Gosh, that necklace. Absolutely stunning: a simple dress on a top notch body with an important piece of jewellery. Definitely everyone will turn their head to look at you.




**I love that type of leather skirt and that bracelet. Definitely an amazing contrast with Laura’s Barbie aspect (rocker Barbie is much more interesting to me). I also love the simple shirt and again a nice accessory.




**A classy sheath dress with that rock star bracelet and a white watch for contrast. An everyday look that we can steal from you 🙂


What is your fashion mantra?


“If it makes you feel beautiful and/or confident, buy it.” — But always be honest with yourself too. Will you have buyer’s remorse because of the price and cost per wear? In my business, I’m always 100% honest and transparent with my clients. If one of my top male clients is going to a prestigious Dallas charity event, of course I want him to look incredible. But if he already has an awesome suit in his closet that we can finesse with a new dress shirt, tie and pocket square – we’ll go that route. There’s no need to have him spend $2-4K+ on an entirely new ensemble that he may only wear once.


**If it makes you feel good buy it. This is an honest fashion mantra. How many times do we try something and feel great with it? However, I still remember that feeling, when I got paid for my first book and I wanted to buy something to remember that moment. It was a Ralph Lauren piece, definitely I felt great in it, I thought I didn’t need it. Yes, I didn’t really need it but I felt awesome with it on, and I am so glad I purchased it. After three years it is still one of my favorite pieces, and that “thing” I always put on when I don’t know what to wear. Everyone has that experience, shopping can be therapeutic.


What is that magic word that speaks about you and only you can show it to our readers?


FIRECRACKER! I may only be 5’4 and 3/4 inches tall (without heels of course), but when I wake up and start my day, the world knows I’m up and ready. I am a ball of energy (no caffeine needed), and I just love what I do – every single day. I would have to admit that I’m pretty funny too (my clients would attest to that) and . . . well my whole family is a ton of fun and pretty funny. But that’s because we choose to laugh and stay inspired even through the hard times. (Like losing my brother, who was my best friend and only sibling who passed 12 years ago. I know he is watching over all of us today and is so proud. I love you Brian. I’m living enough in this one lifetime for the both of us and promise to make a difference, just like you did.)


**This brought tears to my eyes, thank you for sharing your story with us.


What is a wish that you would commit to grant this year to someone paying it forward?


It depends on how big you want me to be with this question. From paying for someone’s groceries behind me in line at the store, to donating to charities . . . but on a larger scale, I would commit to offering my styling services complimentary to someone in need, or as I do on a very regular basis at a local charity called “Attitudes & Attire”. I volunteer there as a stylist helping women, many of whom have hit their rock bottom (homeless, leaving an abusive relationship or marriage, single mom, job lay off, serious depression, drug/substance abuse, — you name it). BUT– these women have come to Attitudes & Attire to leave that darkness behind and start their new life, new journey. They are now ready for job interviews, and I help style them for these amazing interviews. Talking to them through the process, and instilling confidence not only in how they dress, but in them. Maybe they have never been told that they are beautiful before? Believe it or not, that’s not uncommon. I love helping others, especially at Attitudes & Attire, and it’s probably one of the most special and rewarding things I do, styling these women, empowering these women. And I honestly get goosebumps just talking about it.


**Would you love to style a woman for The Wishwall Foundation? We have so many incredible women with amazing stories. Just read some of them and pick out your favorite. We could then organize a skype session for a Christmas gift for someone. What do you think?


I love everything you do Laura, I feel the passion you put into your life and work.  I am looking forward to being styled by you, and I think everybody needs a Life-Style By Laura treat. Good job girl, keep empowering.


–All photos are property of Life-STYLE by Laura, and c/o Marcus Lopez Photography.–

  • Ashley
    Posted at 15:30h, 07 November

    This is an amazing project! Can’t wait to read more empowering stories from empowered women. Thank you for sharing this feature! Excited to see more amazingly beautiful stories from beautiful women.

  • Tash Jefferies
    Posted at 22:55h, 07 November

    Wow. I LOVE the both of you for this awesome piece! Laura, I now you from Twitter, but now I have an even greater appreciation for what you do. keep bringing your firecracker self to this world – it needs you :). Thanks for writing this post Simonetta, it’s awesome :).

  • Laura Fedock
    Posted at 10:46h, 08 November

    First and foremost, thank you Simonetta from the bottom of my heart. You are truly incredible, and I cannot thank you enough. I’m literally bowing down to you and your greatness. XO

  • Magen Bybee
    Posted at 12:52h, 08 November

    Incredibly done!!!! loved it as one of Laura’s best friends she truly is a gem, has the biggest heart and the biggest blessing you will ever meet. Super proud of you and the article was well written and enjoyable. Xoxo

  • Yvonne Crum
    Posted at 14:47h, 08 November

    What a great piece on such a lovely and talented woman. Laura Fedock . I adore YOU.. and your Style

  • Karen Kettner, Esq.
    Posted at 01:12h, 10 November

    What a gorgeous article. Thank you! Love empowering and inspiring women. Laura and Simonetta, you both embody those qualities; they are so crucial to living this life! Beyond that, Laura, you are lovely inside and out. Keep blessing the world with your joy!

  • franco lenna
    Posted at 06:25h, 11 November

    if you make people feel beautiful ,I love you. Go on, you are doing a great job. You are really helping people!

  • Jane Curry Hamilton
    Posted at 18:31h, 14 November

    So proud of my talented granddaughter. She has a flair for writing and even more talented in making anyone more secure and feel beautiful when outfitted by my Laura. Love you and keep up the great work. Grandmom

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