Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Model & Producer Dominica Worthington

07 Aug Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Model & Producer Dominica Worthington

I often get inspired by other women. However, when these gals are multi tasking millennials I feel extra proud. Women are continually showing me that at a young age they can make many things happen: from being a career women to having a family and also raising children. The strength they have is mesmerising to me. Today with me I have a shining  example and an amabassador of my generation of Millennials: Dominica Worthington. Born in Switzerland in 1991, she chose to follow her own path.


So far, in her short life, she has been a Swiss Kickboxing Champion, hairstylist to international celebrities, a lingerie and catwalk model, an award-winning set designer, and last but not least she is the mother of two children, Nikolaj and Mila. In addition, she is married to entrepreneur and author Dr. Gareth Worthington. As a team, they are embarking on some projects to better the lives of children everywhere.




Who are you and what is the name of your business?


My name is Dominica Worthington, and my business is called Siren Style.


What is your brand about?


Siren Style is about creating new worlds, capturing moments that are magical and deep. I want to take people into that old closet, that happens to be the entrance to a place like Narnia or Neverland. I try to take you out of reality for a second and make high fashion pictures just a bit more interesting.


Siren style allows those individuals who also want to break molds and gives them that opportunity to come out of their shell. It can be as simple as a new hairstyle—I’m a Director-level Hairstylist, trained in Switzerland and have styled celebrities such as David Guetta, Xenia Tchoumitcheva and Mirka Federer. It can also be as complicated as a photoshoot. I construct creative sets for top photographers from around the world. Having been a model from the age of twelve, I am able to see how a shoot should look and can give the models great direction. My set designs have won awards in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore and have been featured in Italian Vogue.


To make it work, I create everything bespoke for each shoot. Literally every piece of specialist clothing or set scenario and even a lot of the jewelry. Before every big shoot, I ask my husband for his honest opinion and sometimes rope him into crafting pieces of jewelry which we think are needed last minute. He has a very good eye and for fashion.


**Here is a sample of the outstanding work directed by Dominica with her company Siren Style. Breathtaking.



What is your mission?


To motivate people to be different and themselves. Making them brave enough to be crazy and unique. Most people trudge through life. Siren Style is a break from reality.


Are you a Millennial? What do you think about Millennials?


I think I am the definitive Millennial! Born in the early nineties and a woman who has chosen her own way in life. I have never been the person to do what others expect of me, but instead do what feels right.


Millennials have a bad reputation, but I feel it’s misplaced. Humans like to label things and other people. If someone is lazy or self-important and happen to be in their twenties, it’s automatically because they’re a Millennial.


I think my generation just have a different view on what can be done with our lives. Time has changed the world a lot, the old ways don’t work like that anymore. We are all trying out the limits to eventually find out how life can be lived best.


Take my husband for instance, he missed the cut off for Millennials by a couple years as he was born in 1980. The reason I was attracted to him, and why we make such a great team, is because like me he broke the mold and is after something else than the usual daily lifestyle. He is one of my biggest role models when it comes to always trying to do the best you can—in literally everything you do—even cleaning the kitchen or designing the babies’ bedrooms. He shows me how much can be done in a short time. He is mid-thirties and has: a degree in marine biology, a doctorate in comparative endocrinology, an executive job in pharmaceuticals, lived all over the world, and is setting up a unique books-to-media company with friends. He is also published author of thrillers that have already been optioned for TV/Film. His debut novel, Children of the Fifth Sun, was just released.



**Dominica, the quality of your work is incredible.  The attention to details is impecable. I had the pleasure of reading your husband’s book and I found it facsinating and intriguing, it is one of those books that keeps you glued to every page. As Kirkus Reviews said:

An action-packed, globe-hopping science fiction thriller… pedal-to-the-metal pacing and relentless action make it easy to turn pages…”.


Thinking about the stories behind every chapter that Gareth got from his talented wife as a woman I get even more exited. Behind a great man there is always an amazing woman.  http://www.childrenofthefifthsun.com/


Do you feel you and your husband compliment and push each other forward?


Absolutely! We’re a team in everything. We were best friends first, and so we have that as the core of our relationship. From being parents, to pursuing our dreams, we do it together. We each give the other room to operate, and continue our businesses—me with Siren Style, him with his writing and his role in the start-up company Vesuvian Media.


I ask his opinion about my photoshoot sets, designs, clothing choice and even post-production editing. He sits and writes next to me on his laptop and asks my opinion on his storylines and character development. I even remember, back then when he was writing Children of the Fifth Sun, how often I would read some chapters over and over again to give my honest opinion about them—until he felt they were perfect.


We’re taking it to the next level and working together to support a charity called One Smile at a Time, for the families affected in Syria, and are also looking to set up a charity to help orphans in Russia. We will travel to St. Petersburg in November.



**Here Dominica is with her ahusband, author Gareth Worthington. As the founder of The Wishwall Foundation and working side by side with my husband as well, I know the joy of creating something meaningful together. You two continue to produce one master piece after another, and I know that Gareth has his next book already in production. As an author myself I love to visualize who is really behind the books we read and love. Thank you for allowing us to get behind the scenes of “Children Of The Fifth Sun


If you are here it means that you love fashion. Why?


Fashion is an extension of your personality. People judge you in under six seconds when they meet you. How you’re dressed speaks volumes about you as a person—and I don’t mean just how much something costs, but how you put your outfit together. What you chose to pair up, or alternatively items you picked to clash on purpose. Personally, I like to take classic looks from 50s Chanel and throw in a rock element, either rockabilly or biker chick. Give it some edge. It reflects me: elegant with the ability to kick your butt if you annoy me!


**Here is my “Empowering Style” collection for Dominica, where high fashion meets a dream world.



**How fashion is she? Classy and dreamy, in total love with your style.



**This is a campaign that Dominica directed and ran and was published by Vogue Italy. This is beyond words.



**This is a campaign that Dominica directed, creating the set, the style, the hair and clothing direction, and won an award by Bazaar. Incredible.


What cannot miss from your wardrobe?


Accessories rule all for me. Any outfit can be made better with accessories, but if I had to choose, I would say a necklace. I almost never leave the house not wearing a necklace—and I mean a necklace! For me, it has to be chunky and preferably sparkly. The closer I can get to the Faberge look the better!




Your favorite pair of shoes and why?


True to form, I am unconventional and so not a ‘shoe person’. I’m a handbag person. My favorite bag is a Chanel Castle Rock Top handle flap bag. I have never seen another one like it—It is just me. The classic black Calfskin leather, with a rock edge; the brass-looking chunky chain and aubergine-colored leather handle. Got to say: Hubby is pretty damn good in picking what I would like—which is rare in a man!




What you cannot stand in people, inside and out?


Insincerity! People who don’t speak their honest opinion. I prefer people who speak directly and honestly. I have no tolerance for being expected to read between the lines. I’d rather be an honest jerk, than a nice liar. At least you know where you stand with me.


What is your fashion mantra?


Experiment and be brave. Jump into different roles to discover yourself. We all have multiple sides—get to know all of them.


Tell me about your most empowering moment


I would have to say it was giving birth, twice. It’s something very personal and powerful, and unique to each woman. In those hours, how your body adapts and functions to cope with extreme stress and deliver a baby is, to me, fascinating and empowering. In that moment, you are at your most vulnerable and yet you are at your strongest.


What is that magic word that speaks about you?


Direct. I get in trouble for it a lot. My husband, being British, often says ‘there are ways and ways’ of saying something. But for me, being direct is honest and most helpful. Everyone lies to themselves and each other too much.


What is a wish that you would commit to grant this year to someone paying it forward?


Well, since we are starting to work with orphans in Russia, I would wish to be able to change the daily nightmare for some of them. It doesn’t need much to really make a difference for those little souls. Enough food and diapers is a good start followed by hiring more people to take care of them—these houses are overflowing with babies and toddlers. Then hopefully they will grow up and pay it forward.


**Thank you so much Dominica for being a brave Millennial woman, so young and talented, multi tasking and dedicated to paying it forward. I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip to Russia, and to see how I can support it – paying it forward is the mission of The Wishwall Foundation. Thank you as well for helping Gareth create a masterpiece like Children Of The Fifth Sun. Onward to much success.


As always, make your wishes come true.


FromPhiladelphia, The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein



  • Mike DeMato
    Posted at 16:46h, 07 August

    Simonetta is pure genius.
    Thank You.

  • Dr. Baker
    Posted at 16:59h, 07 August

    Incredibly inspiring and interesting. Very well written! Thank you for highlighting such positive and creative people. I can’t wait to see what Simonetta and Dominica create next!

  • D. duduit
    Posted at 19:35h, 07 August

    Simonetta – another great read. I love that Dominica is a successful and empowered strong woman. What she has accomplished is amazing. But I particularly liked the part where she reveals that her most empowering moment was when she was giving birth. That says a lot about her and her values. Well done once again.

  • Linda Gillan
    Posted at 20:54h, 07 August

    Wonderful article, Dominica and Gareth are an inspirational couple, making a big difference in the world. Thank you Simonetta.

  • Melissa Clark
    Posted at 21:38h, 07 August

    Great interview!

  • Bill Campbell
    Posted at 23:28h, 07 August

    As always Simo, beautifully written and detailed for a clear picture. Very intriguing and beautiful relationship with her husband. Loved it!

  • Mind Fi
    Posted at 14:14h, 08 August

    Another great article from people who’ve gone out there, achieved amazing goals, and are seeking to give back to wider society!

    The more people like this in the world, the better it will become!

  • Eva Peralta
    Posted at 18:40h, 14 August

    I’ve been secretly longing to read about creative power couples and then you beautifully wrote THIS. Dominica is crazy talented as well as her husband. What an Amazing team! #MarriageGoals -xx @poshlifemiami

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